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Japanese Tenga Onanist World Champions

Japanese Onanist Tenga World Champions

Two Japanese men have delivered an apparently record breaking self stimulatory performance in San Francisco, in a carefully orchestrated piece of marketing for Tenga. Emblazoned proudly with the Tenga maxim “New Adult Concept”, on red jumpsuits, the intrepid duo of Norihiro Taneichi and Masanobu Sato displayed considerable endurance; Taneichi managed to perform for 8h 40m, although we are not told just how many times they achieved completion (a suspicious omission if ever there was one).

The event in question was the thankfully little known “Masturbate-A-Thon 2008”, held at the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco. More detail of the event than you could possibly ever want to know is provided by SF Weekly (warning: article has plenty of pictures of semi-clad obese superannuated hippies and Japanese men in flagrante delicto). Relief may be required.

I expect the Tenga people are rubbing their hands with glee at their latest marketing coup – they have bagged Japanese coverage with Itainews, American (or at least San Franciscan) coverage with the event itself, and let us not forget the recent dolphin care review offered by the illustrious Danny Choo.

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