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Street Fighter IV for PS3, Xbox360, PC (!?)


Some release details for the latest instalment in Capcom’s Street Fighter series have emerged, and in part they are extremely surprising. Famitsu confirms it will be a multiplatform release for the PS3, Xbox360 and, oddly enough, the PC. Details of the price and release date for each platform are unfortunately yet to be announced. The article also carries some details of a tawdry Hollywood cash in, which I will not bore you with.

This seems a very surprising, and probably welcome, move. Though in practical terms a PC release probably doesn’t mean much other than having to mess around buying an adapter for your joystick, it is nice to see the PC included in things, especially for that most neglected of PC genres, the fighting game.

Perhaps this is a rare positive influence on the PC gaming scene by way of the Xbox development environment (ports are said to be trivial), or maybe Capcom have something planned?

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  • This will be the first game in almost a decade that I have bought on release day or new. The reason? No current console and there just aren’t any games I’ve been so excited about on the PC that I actually want to support the developer instead of instead of buying it for a buck from some overstock seller on eBay a few months down the line.

    But Street Fighter in glorious modern quality? On my PC? Oh yeah,man, that’s worth forty bucks easy. I’m just praying that Capcom isn’t still involved with Steam…

    I’m glad I stumbled across an advertisement for it in time to pre-order.

  • If I were interested in SF4 then my adapter would be put to use, only problem would be whether a PS2 joystick would work with it. But oh well, not really interested in the game. That pic of Dhalsim is WTF though.