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Murderous Corpse Carver Former Game Dev


A man, Takanori Hoshijima (33), who admits to murdering his lady neighbour with the intention of raping her, and who then apparently carved the body up into small pieces and disposed of them by flushing them down the toilet, even as police searched the neighbouring apartment, now has even more infamy to contend with – the mass media for some reason highlights his tenure working for a large game company.


Whether this is merely an innocent report of his background, or the imminent scapegoating of the pernicious gaming industry remains to be seen. As the source speculates, “Why is the big game company stuff being emphasised?”. It may not even be the case that he was involved in actual game development, as his current job as a systems engineer could mean he was merely working for his employer as such. Sega is also mentioned as possibly being the company in question.

Hacking apart bodies is perhaps not sensational enough without introducing the element of gaming depravity? It may only be a matter of time before we are treated to as thorough a dissection of his gaming habits as his crimes entailed.

An English report on the infamy can be had here, and the news of his sordid game development past reaches me via Ore-teki.

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