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Demon Newscaster Kills Self

Newscaster 川田亜子/Ako Kawada (29), has committed suicide

Newscaster 川田亜子/Ako Kawada (29), has committed suicide for reasons which still remain unclear, but whatever her thinking the lamentable act is causing something of a stir. She opted for the classic method of burning charcoal briquettes in her car, and apparently also left a will. A variety of potentially salacious details threaten to emerge.

At the heart of the case are the curious, and in hindsight extraordinarily ominous, statements she posted on her official blog “Ako’s Style”. A few weeks prior to killing herself, she posted this (which has naturally now been deleted):


On Mother’s Day I became a demon. Perhaps I was one from the start.

I asked the mother who bore me into this world what meaning there is to life. My mother’s tears don’t take away my own. The sound of her tears echoes in my ears.

She later apologised for worrying people in another post, though her gloomy missives continued. We also have the evidence of edits to her Wikipedia article made by an IP from within a network she worked for, leaving such cryptic remarks as “her speciality was lewd jokes”.

The boards are alive with speculation as to the details of the case, and it seems a variety of background elements have yet to emerge, but whatever the specifics she appears to have entered into a downward spiral from which she could not recover. Details for the story are all over the mass media, but the most interesting report comes from New Akiba.

I can’t help thinking that the sort of talk she was coming out with above would be a dead giveaway as to her likely actions?

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