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New DVD Allows Otaku To Stare At Girls


Stare at females of all ages, without fear of them fleeing; an epoch making new interactive DVD, ミテルだけ, “Just Looking”, released today, promises to enable its users to freely stare at members of the fairer sex at their leisure. Yours for a mere ¥2,650. See below to ogle the lineup.

The user may select their desired staring partner from a menu with over 50 choices and stare at them to their hearts content. A wide variety of opponents are available for you to defeat. The old lady looks particularly challenging. Curing social inhibitions in making eye contact is the stated use of the product.

You could also just look at them and pick your favourites (though I suggest you keep it to yourself if you pick any cake or old ladies). Aya is looking a good, safe choice. Their blood type is even listed should you by chance meet them and have need of an emergency transfusion.

“I get the feeling that continuously staring at 50 people is likely to have the opposite effect and make eye contact more frightening”. Indeed. Via Gigazine.






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