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Suicidal Man’s Vomit Poisons 54

Suicidal Man’s Vomit Poisons 54

A man who tried to kill himself by ingesting poison instead poisoned 54 with the noxious fumes emanating from his chlorine laced vomit, causing chaos and evacuation at the hospital where he was taken.

The man, a 34 year old farmer, apparently sought to kill himself by guzzling agricultural chemicals, but this would have unintended consequences when he was instead hospitalised and began to regurgitate the contents of his now thoroughly poisoned stomach. Those afflicted by his toxic ejecta included doctors, nurses, and patients including young babies; 54 reported illness, and 10 required treatment.

Unsurprisingly, the man died from the effects of the poison, the agricultural pesticide (and poison gas in the Great War) chloropicrin. He would doubtless be answering interesting questions posed by police had he survived, so perhaps this is as well. Via Asahi.

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