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Refused Refund, Woman Sets Fire to Department Store

Refused Refund, Women Sets Fire to Department Store

“The way the store dealt with me really annoyed me”. So annoyed was she, she felt she had no recourse but to burn down the offending store.

In her wrath, the lady (47) set a fire first in a changing room in the women’s clothing department, then, for good measure, set one each in the male and female toilets. Fortunately, all the fires were rapidly extinguished by store employees, and there were no injuries. It would, however, take police almost two months to catch this fiery lady.

She left the scene undetected, but police analysis of surveillance cameras in the store soon revealed her proximity to each of the fires, prompting her arrest, along with evidence in the form of her obstinate complaints over a product which, we are assured by store employees, there was absolutely nothing wrong with.

This is rather unfairly being called “serial arson” – surely “serial” implies multiple incidents, whereas this involves one incident with multiple fires. She just wanted to be thorough, it seems. Via Sankei.

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