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Pants Procuring PE Teacher Put Away


“They were for me to enjoy myself with”, he laments. A high school teacher has just been arrested on suspicion of violating laws against child prostitution and pornography; his crime? He attempted to arrange some pants and photos thereof from a high schooler, on a pants trading site, a common enough pastime amongst Japanese teachers, it would appear.

He seems to have forgotten why we have places like Akiba. The teacher seems to have long been getting his rocks off this way: he apparently also arranged some topless photography sessions a few years ago with other students. Didn’t this sorry excuse for a teacher even have the resourcefulness to secrete a camera somewhere and get the upskirt smut for free? Such is, we can suppose, more than can be expected of any mere sports teacher.

The suspect arranged his purchase on a pants trading site, where apparently they were going for ¥4,000-¥8,000 per set. The article rather amusingly passes over the fact that there are pantsu trading sites without any comment whatsoever.

I can certainly sympathise that the endless variety of these stories is sure to numb any poor hack set to cover them – already I feel a distinct lack of interest in the previously salacious details of these deranged crimes.


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