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Bug Man Busted

Bug Man Busted - Please don't ask.

A man who serially groped young ladies with the unusual pretext “there’s a bug on your clothes”, has finally been arrested, putting his bizarre string of crimes to an end. His reason for this serial infamy, spanning ten or more cases? “My aim was obscenity” he honestly reports. These sordid acts came to be known as the “Bug Man Incidents”.

His modus operandi was to approach students and other young ladies around the university, and with the aforementioned excuse of going as if to remove an insect alighted upon them, he would instead direct his grasp elsewhere, then make good his escape. His comeuppance seems to have come in the usual course of one of these incidents, finally.

Quite the sordid tale, though at least he had not yet progressed to greater acts of perverted villainy. It does however leave open the question of why he felt the need to use this pretext on his victims, if all he was going to do was grab them and run off anyway… Via Asahi.

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