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2.5% of Children Not Erogamers, But 13% Don’t Deny?

Konata was actually just having trouble with her aircon whilst watching Ana.

The Mainichi “2.5% of children erogamers” story turns out to be fake scaremongering after all, and my scepticism seems correct; the lying hacks completely twisted the figures, in fact “adult games” was referring to the likes of GTA, and there was a separate category for “H games”, which they completely ignored, and the results? 0.7% admitted to playing them, though 12.4% (the highest non-response) declined to respond? Interesting.

This does however still leave 0.7% bold enough to admit it, and a lot of the sample unwilling to respond, so the true figure is anyone’s guess. I can’t help suspecting that the proportion actually sexually active is probably higher than these figures for eroge, so it does bring the whole thing into focus as mere media scaremongering anyway. The table in question is below, source here.

2.5% of Japanese Children Not Erogamers, But Only 87% Deny It?

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