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Gantz Creator Designs Top Heavy SC IV Character

Gantz Creator 奥浩哉 / Hiroya Oku Designs Soul Calibur IV Character 修羅, Shura

Gantz creator 奥浩哉 / Hiroya Oku has apparently turned his hand to character design for Soul Calibur IV, it has been revealed in the latest issue of Young Jump. His contribution will be one of his trademark top heavy females, a supernatural samurai in the Taki vein, wielding two swords and monikered “修羅”, Shura, cheerily meaning the scene of a bloodbath.

Whilst the news of Vader being featured in the PS3 version might excite some and will certainly excite sales, with that and now this, I can’t help but think Soul Calibur is turning into even more of a franchise train wreck, as it initially had one of the (relatively speaking) best stories of any major fighting game. Another unbalanced samurai/ninja type character doesn’t seem to add much variety wise, either, but time will tell.

Hiroya Oku also seems to have suffered some creative issues, as if we give him the benefit of the doubt over his near obsessive drawing of busty figures, there is still the issue of whatever happened to the story of Gantz halfway through – it went from excellent sci-fi with realistic characters thrust into surreal situations, into a juvenile freak show of Tekken rejects and ESPers.

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