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Brother Has Sister Use Funny Money, Arrests Follow

Brother Dupes Sister Into Using Funny Money, Arrests Follow - Fake 10,000 Yen Note

“I wanted to see want my sister would do when I put the fake note in her room” – with this sentiment in mind, the 27 year old salaryman first copied a ¥10,000 note ($100) with a multifunction printer, then placed the fake note in her room. A few days later, his sister (22) made a ¥1,000 purchase of sandwiches and the like at the local convenience store, using the fake bill. The pair were soon arrested.

The sister’s response displays the same witlessness as the brother: “I knew it was funny money, but I was hard up, so I used it anyway”.

The phoney cash was a crude forgery: two sides of printed paper stuck together, with no watermark or any other attempt to circumvent the anti-forgery devices modern notes are replete with. The employee at the register noticed and reported the bill to police within an hour.

As bizarre and twisted a tail of stupidity and familial ties as ever there was. ZakZak via Itainews.

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