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Mrs Wide Open’s Exposure Bought by Press

Mrs Wide Open in an Akiba performance, brought to you courtesy of Yomiuri

Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか / Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, Akiba’s “eternally 22” exposure idol and career criminal (30), has revealed in a shocking admission to gossip rag Spa that she was put up to her antics by a TV producer offering cash to guarantee a “performance”. Mrs Wide Open says she was propositioned by one of the numerous TV pressmen covering her exhibitionistic antics – “I’d like to pin it [a flash of your posterior] down” she alleges she was asked.

She seems almost remorseful to have accepted, perhaps feeling it to be a violation of her perverse exhibitionistic cravings, saying “I wasn’t really into it that day, but I decided to take the cash anyway, so it felt a bit like ‘work’”. No word on just how much cash she accepted, but she is photographed having a private chat with someone carrying a camera in a taxi during a brief break from her street gymnastics – Yomiuri’s man caught red handed, perhaps?

The rag goes on to proffer the reasonable speculation that, as this performance led to her arrest, this may render the media involved accessories to the crime. However, pinning down Yomiuri won’t be so easy: Mrs Wide Open’s claims about her exemplary academic background have proven rather difficult to confirm, in fact to say no one believes a word she says would be charitable, and attempts to confirm the details of the procured exposure result unsurprisingly in a flat denial from Yomiuri – “There was no such occurrence”, they counter.

The stresses you may incur witnessing the copious photographic documentation of Mrs Wide Open’s crimes may require relief, so please avail yourself of it should you feel the need. This story brought to my attention by the ever excellent Akibablog.

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