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Housewife Sells Self To Cover Debts

Housewife Sells Self To Cover Debts

A 75 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to coerce a housewife (21) into performing indecent acts – it seems he was her landlord, and her lent her hundreds of dollars to cover her living expenses, with the proviso, written into a contract, that she offer up her body in place of the money should she fail to make the repayment schedule.

When she failed to make the repayments (you can see where this is going) he apparently parked his car in a warehouse with him and the woman in it, leering at her “can you uphold the contract?”. He then tried feeling the woman up, at which point she resisted vigorously.

These people have been watching too many TV dramas – I was surprised to hear that the wicked old landlord didn’t try to strip her of her kimono by pulling on her obi, as they do in the old films; the whole situation strikes me as rather hackneyed, though at least amusingly so.

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