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Tales of Vesperia PS3 Confirmed?

Tales of Vesperia PS3 Confirmed?

Any ardent fan of the excellent Tales series of RPGs will already know about the magnificent looking テイルズ オブ ヴェスペリア / Tales of Vesperia, the latest and next generation incarnation of the series, but there has been something of an upset over the bizarre decision to release the game first on the Xbox360, with a PS3 release not even confirmed yet – whilst no denials, and the eminent logic of releasing the game to its main market on the PS3, as well as prior precedents in porting this series and others, all tend to suggest the PS3 release is all but inevitable, no official announcement has been forthcoming, until now… sort of.

It seems some observant soul managed to spot buried in a Bandai Namco financial presentation an entry (now amended) for ToV listed as due for release later in the year for both Xbox360 and PS3, however no sooner had the news got out than the document was amended to refer only to the Xbox360 release; the original page is mirrored below.

Just what kind of mistake this was may only be revealed by the passage of time, but most Tales fans can but hope it represents accidental confirmation of the PS3 release, and hopefully for this year and not next.

Tales of Vesperia PS3 Confirmed?

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  • Unless MS is paying them it will hit the PS3 in time, its just easier to dev for the 360. And fankly if they work on polishing the thing up and relase it with a tad mroe content on the PS3 its all good…I kinda wish S/E would do that with the FF I’s….IE release a collectors set to the world in JP and English…….it would have been nice to play a less broken FF12……

  • Well, it would actually be nice if Tales of Vesperia hits the PS3. I’d take it as a good way for what transpires with the FF XIII affair. What goes around, comes around.

    And who’s to say it may not happen? Tales of did get 2 games on the PS2 (Abyss, Legendia) as well as Gamecube, so it’s not out of the question. Tales of has been a multiconsole-type RPG.