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10,000 Hits

一万祝 - Sankaku Complex Reaches Initial Milestone

Sankaku Complex has reached what seems to be taken as one of the traditional first landmarks in a site’s history – 10,000 hits, according to Google Analytics, having been reached from the site going live some 24 days ago.

Whilst this is an arbitrary number, one which I must admit I do not place a great deal of trust in (unique daily visitors and so forth are more informative), what I really wanted to do is take the opportunity to express my gratitude to those who contributed to Sankaku Complex’s fledgling success: the site visitors foremost, as well as those kind enough to link here (special mention must go to Danny-sama & Caleb-sama), or to graciously contribute their thoughts by way of a comment.

I suppose I ought also to reluctantly thank Mrs Wide Open for her eminently entertaining antics, as she has contributed to an embarrassing proportion of the traffic this site receives.

Since the sample size is so small, I don’t think it is really appropriate to analyse the site statistics, and so I will spare you any dubious details. It will suffice to say that visitors have generally hailed from the eminently esteemable nations of North America, South-East Asia, and Western Europe, not a surprising demographic.

My thoughts are that building on this first success likely has three initial elements: improving and expanding the content offered, improving the site itself, and improving discoverability (both in terms of being navigated to and in terms of internal navigation); probably the hardest of these at the moment is the external discoverability aspect, since I have no control over being linked to or being added to aggregators (this in particular is taking time).

Cultivating a community of readers/site users is probably a consequence of these three elements, rather than an objective which can be independently pursued at this stage, but I certainly intend to pursue this.

I am committed to improving and expanding the site in whatever way I can, as well as providing quality news and articles, and it has been my pleasure to introduce a variety of new features recently, which I intend to continue extending. Hopefully, better news and articles will also be forthcoming as I gain experience and resources.

Should you have any comments or suggestion on any aspect of this site, I would be delighted to receive them either as comments, or as emails – thank you very much for reading.

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