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New Persona 4 Screens, Character Details

New Persona 4 Screens, Character Details

Famitsu brings news of the story and characters of Persona 4, as well as more screenshots, due for release in a month or two, almost inexplicably for the PS2. The story centres around a string of murders at the protagonist’s school/countryside town, and the character featured is a ruffian; does this sound familiar to you?

The screens and details thus far revealed really do tend to mark this out as a rehash or expansion pack rather than a true sequel, although at least the production values will not be a let down, and the new setting looks to be a departure from the urban environments used previously. It looks interesting enough, but I am still a little disappointed that they chose the PS2 as platform, as it would be nice to see them push the series forward with a next generation game, rather than simply ride the coattails of the anime.

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  • I find it strange too that they didn’t develop it for PS3; well, I don’t have a PS3 yet so it is good for me. This game probably won’t be in the US until next year. I guess this game may be my last PS2 game.

    • It was only the combination of Disgaea 3 and Valkyria Chronicles which goaded me into buying a PS3 (that and the low price here), so I understand your reluctance; but after seeing what the PS3 is capable of it is a little galling when developers take the easy option like this.