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Huge Itasha Convention

Fate Testarossa (itasha) at the FSW Itasha Meeting, by

I couldn’t help but be astonished on seeing this enormous itasha convention (easily the largest in Japan, and also the world), the FSW Itasha Meeting, covered by in detail in three parts here, here, and here. Veritable throngs were in attendance, and participation (including non-itasha observers) was around 300 vehicles, gathered from all over Japan, despite the bad weather.

All kinds of vehicles seem to be in evidence, from flatbed trucks to motorcycles, and the meet was held at a race track, the Fuji Speedway, so they naturally hit the track (great Shana paint job there), though not all look as if they belong there.

Itasha seem to be gaining prominence lately; there has been media coverage, of course they are omnipresent in Akiba, and now this. Not long before we see itasha paint jobs as options on the latest models? Still a bridge too far, I’d wager.

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