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Japanese Youth: IQ and Lust in Decline?

Japanese young men no longer visit brothels - the reason seems obvious

Two rather similar stories come to my attention via Itainews, one alleging that Japanese youth are suffering from a decline in literacy and historical knowledge, and another asserting the Japan’s sex trade is facing dire straits because young men no longer have the sex drive they once had (presumably they are pursuing alternatives rather than abstinence, although the article doesn’t address this for reasons which will become obvious).

The claim of a decline in literacy and historical knowledge comes from film subtitlers complaining that their job is becoming harder due to young people not being able to read more obscure kanji, or read quickly, and that they can no longer assume their audience is aware of what terms like “Nazi” and “USSR” refer to; a familiar sort of claim in the world over.

The claim of reduced sex drive in young men is based on statistics showing an increase in “sexless” men (and of course the reduction in birth rate), and is provided by the JFPA (an organisation of clinics, in other words). Additionally, some interviews with writers in the sex industry also provide anecdotal evidence of young patrons not using brothels.

These stories are entertaining and attention grabbing (certainly their intent given the sources), but if I were to offer my own opinion, I would have to say they are nothing more than column inch shifting mass media fluff – you are probably familiar with the genre of “our youth is in decline” newspaper articles from your own local media, which usually assert some catastrophe is impending due to the decline in whatever, and I put it to you that millenarianism has always had its converts. As to the decline in lust, I think you need look no further than the people interviewed – it is hardly surprising that those who depend on clinics and brothels would be interested in asserting there is a problem – they have their sales to think of.

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  • Brothels and prostitutes ARE great. But several critical issues cause them not to use the services :

    1) brothel staff’s poor attitudes, non-professional counter staff or receptionists
    2) troubleshooter’s and bouncers alpha male presence cramps the customer’s style and libido, keep them out of sight and out of mind PLEASE
    3) lack of liability on the part of the establishment for possibility of being secretly filmed or other B.S.
    4) lack of home-delivery service
    5) lack of bulletproof legal safeguards for customer and prostitute
    6) sense of strings attached no matter how subtle
    7) men are no fools to ENRICH Prostitutes and their pimps or madams. Costs for hourly service should NEVER be more than 2 times minimum wage for a blue collar workers’ hour of work. No amount of costuming, neon, or glitz will blind the consumer to the cash strapped reality they have to return to after sex.

    So pls think and apply. The costs and potential problems are not worth indulging the libido for. Establishments could also counter social stigma and generally hold ongoing PR campaigns for acceptance from mainstream society as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t see how it’s a decline in IQ so much more as a decline in historical awareness as this article indicates. I mean…IQ isn’t based solely on historical knowledge, if it did, all elementary children would have the IQ of the mentally handicapped.

  • concider_this says:

    Well considert hat more and more younger people are becomming more and more intwined in the internet, really how many people from 10 to 20 dont know how to find what ever they want to find on the internet. that said if you can get off looking at porn on the net then there is less of a need to pay money no one seems to have for that quick fix. just another angle for the decline in sex amongst young people… options.

  • Like brothels are a great thing. Much better that people be jacking off to porn than fucking prostitutes.

    I really wish the sex industry would die. Because sex really isn’t something you should pay for. That fact that anyone would call less prostitution a decline in society is frustratingly silly.

    • “Much better that people be jacking off to porn than fucking prostitutes.

      I really wish the sex industry would die”

      The porn industry is part of the larger sex industry. You’re kind of contradicting yourself here.

      “Because sex really isn’t something you should pay for.”

      Why? Because the thought of it makes you uncomfortable? Or maybe because you happen to believe that you should only have sex with someone you REALLY TRULY LOVE? To both objections I say: SO WHAT? Some people choose to earn their living this way. Others choose to satisfy their lust patronizing those people. It’s their choice and only prudishness would lead someone to think that consensual sex between 2 adults is something that outside parties have any business sticking their noses into.

      • “i triple DARE you to say that brothels are great, after you have watched this video:

        Oh, wow, a propaganda piece that that infers that all brothels are hotbeds of child exploitation and that all prostitutes are abused children. Yeah, nice attempt at skewing the discussion with intellectually dishonest tactics. I dare you to set your obvious biases aside and visit the following site run by actual sex workers:

        Legitimate sex work is not at all a bad job, it’s only portrayed that way by people who have ideological and political axes to grind and who don’t give a damn about abusing the truth in the process.

    • i shouldn’t have to pay someone to pump petrol into my car. it should just be part of the service. i shouldn’t be expected to pay for food from a grocer cause if i don’t eat i will die and thus not be contributing to society.

      however, what i do need to pay for is time. other peoples time and the jobs they do for me that i otherwise can’t do or are just too damn lazy to do myself.

      that is why people do/should pay for sex. it’s the time you waste of the prostitute while you get your rocks off, he/she could be doing an art course, saving lives or doing whatever they feel like filling their time with.

      more over, it is a job. how would you like to go to work everyday and not get paid for what you are doing. these people are letting you in on a rather personal side of their life.

      considering the health risk that a prostitute takes everytime they take on a new client, they really don’t charge that much for a service i would be too scared to offer myself. unfortunately they are a commodity and a service that the world needs, so who cares if they make a little cash along the way.

  • Lolz… not to mention children have been declining with most new families reduce their instinct and desire for generativity.

    Again… is matter of time before all those schools, and training centre for children close doors.

    • “raep and such still happens everyday, saying people are losing their sex drives is total bullshit”

      A very interesting metric you’ve chosen for measuring libido there. Out of all the examples you could have picked, that was the first off your fingers and onto the keyboard. I find that most interesting…