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ZWEI II – PC RPG Screens


Falcom offers up a promising looking action RPG for the PC, “ZWEI II”, set for release this summer, with a few screenshots just released, and mirrored below. This is refreshing news given the poor condition of PC gaming in Japan (if we exclude visual novels and the like), but what I am really keen to know is whether this will be fully voiced or not – no info as yet.

Graphics look none too bad; full 3d, and there is the comment that characters display their current equipment on their actual models, a nice touch. I am liable to comment favourably on any RPG involving demon girls – there is indeed one in evidence, with splendid crimson eyes the colour of hellfire, and she is co-protagonist. In case you were wondering, the original ZWEI is a title from 2001, which I will confess to having never heard of.



They stress these are development shots, so doubtless more information will be revealed in due course.

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