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Mrs Wide Open’s Life of Crime

Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか/Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, by AkibaBlog

Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか/Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, 30 but “eternally 22”, now famous for exposure and arrest in Akiba, reveals plenty of lurid details about her life of crime, exhibitionism, theft, and (alleged) prostitution, in an exclusive interview given to ZakZak. Regarding the photos surfacing on 2ch, flyers for call girls and the like, allegedly of her from her days of disgrace (if these can indeed be said to be over) working in the sex trade, she says of the woman in the photos: “Her size is the same”, and sympathetically laments “If she gets mixed up in this, she’ll probably get some strange customers”. But it doesn’t stop there, unfortunately.

She goes onto to say of her exhibitionism: “I’ve been doing for the past 5 years, and it’s fun so I guess it just stuck”. She then admits to a youth spent shoplifting, claiming that her wicked parents forced her into it by only giving her ¥500 a day for bread, although she rather spoils the effect by saying she spent her ill gotten gains on karaoke outings. She goes on to lament her broken home and drug addled parents – I’m sure you get the gist.

More details about her supposed life history emerge than any sensible person would care to know, but anyone with any doubts about her intellectual calibre will be reassured to know she assures us she deliberately entered a bad high school so she could concentrate on her university entrance exams – naturally she only took the tests for such prestigious institutions as Waseda, to realise her ambition of becoming a lawyer (now at least she has some experience of the law).

Anyone looking for a moral to this sordid tale had better resign themselves to finding only a tale of astute self-promotion – her “idol” photo shoots are sold out, her erotic DVDs are on sale, and her career as seedy “talent” is taking off with performances and guest appearances. If anyone is unfortunate enough to stumble across the images of her gymnastically exposing herself to the camera at the end of the article (albeit indoors rather than on the streets of Akiba), then please remember that therapeutic relief can readily be found here.

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