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Haruhi Wii Dance Game Confirmed

Haruhi and company dance

It is confirmed – the latest Haruhi game for the Wii will be a dancing game, involving timing Haruhi and company’s dancing with the Wiimote. Some details from the scans here and here: there will be a story mode advanced by skilful dancing, a free mode in which you can freely choose costumes, music and stage, and the dancing will be accomplished with three characters, so Kyon is unlikely to feature with Haruhi, Nagato and Mikuru on hand. Apparently, there will also be a version packaged with a figure.

I’m not sure what to make of this – the Haruhi dancing is charming, and undeniably popular if we are to find a rational explanation for the sales of figma Kyon, but whether this can sustain an entire game is another question. However, compared to the usual spin-off adventure games, this may be a fresh approach. Source here.

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  • I was thrilled at first, but then realized how easy it is to cheat with a wiimote. I have horrid memories of wii boxing and losing to someone who did not move their shoulder or elbow and managed to trick the game into sensing punches with wrist flicking.