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Witch-hunt Game Triggers Witch-hunt

Dokidoki Majo Shinpan - DS Witch-hunting game

Korean media and censorship advocacy groups are blaming a Daegu elementary school gang rape incident on the evils of games, specifically an innocent Japanese DS game where the player is tasked with defending his school from the evils of witchcraft (which, in a nod to historical accuracy, just happens to involve probing the intimate areas of the suspected witch, deaf to her pleas of relent). I needn’t bore you with the shrill cries already arisen to ban the interwebs for the sake of the children.

All most unfortunate, I’m sure you’d agree, but what is the game called and where can you get it? The game is “どきどき魔女神判!/Dokidoki Majo Shinpan!” (Dokidoki Witch Holy Judgement), for the Nintendo DS. The game involves searching the bodies of suspected witches for the witchmark which marks all witches as a consequence of their diabolic pacts – your probing is guided by the stylus. The sequel is also due out in a month or two and can be pre-ordered now, complete with nendoroid, so you should still have time to finish the first one.

The irony of a game about hunting witches triggering an actual witchhunt has unfortunately been lost on commentators thus farI assume that the term simply doesn’t translate in Korean? This all brought to my attention on Itainews.

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