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Asuka vs Haruhi: Real PK (Brawl) Ensues?

Asuka vs Haruhi

Only in Korea. It seems two fans took the burning question of which character is best, Haruhi or Eva’s Asuka, so seriously they were forced to move it from an online venue to an offline one, and naturally the ensuing fracas was recorded for your viewing pleasure. Their online argument lasted 5 hours, no word on how quickly the brawl finished. Nobody seems to know who won either. Via Itai News, original Korean article here. View the tawdry spectacle here and here. The article explains it is an outbreak of “現P” (abbreviation of “現実PK” – “Real PK” – MMORPG buffs will know all about Player Killing), something which seems to be a phenomenon limited to Korea and China.

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