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Demolishing a building from the bottom up

Demolition from the bottom up, one floor at a time

Look closely at the photos. I saw this slightly bizarre story over at Asahi. A Japanese company is apparently pioneering a new technique for demolishing high rise buildings, one floor at a time, starting from the bottom floor, whilst the structure remains standing. Asahi likens it to darumaotoshi. Details follow.

Demolition from the bottom up, one floor at a time - Yomiuri

Explanation of the diagram (from Yomiuri): the structural columns are removed at the base, and then jacks are inserted. Dismantling proceeds by lowering the jacks.

The article explains that this technique is currently more expensive that traditional demolitions, but that costs are expected to fall as it is perfected; what is most useful about the technique is the safety advantages it is alleged to confer: traditional explosive demolitions in particular are extremely dangerous (probably a big problem in Japan where buildings are often packed tightly together).

Apparently, it is also easier to recover and recycle materials this way, rather than pulling them from a pile of rubble (logical). Other advantages given are a reduction in preparation time and dust dispersal.

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