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Mrs Wide Open’s Erotic DVD Debut

Asuka Sawamoto - Sexy Spiral

I am really not keen on resurrecting her foul yet shrewd antics, but seeing this over at Akibablog, I can’t help but post. Not content with being arrested, the self proclaimed 22 year old sexy idol 沢本あすか/Asuka Sawamoto (30) has launched a new raunchy DVD of herself, titled as you can see “Sexy Spiral” – perhaps “Downward Spiral” would be more fitting. This has gone on sale in variety of Akiba locations, to be followed in a few days by a general release, according to the unfortunate witnesses.

I have liberally translated the well laid on description given for your delectation/revulsion: “Erotic idol Asuka Sawamoto is let loose in this radical non-nude erotic movie! The ultra close up crotch shots are a must see. A prim and proper little lady does this and that in situations sure to stir you up and get you going with the most alluring shots, totaling 70 minutes. In that slender frame lurks a captivating presence, the very limits of what can be put in an Image DVD”. Relief here and here.

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