Yuri Cunnilingus Hentai Gallery


A gallery featuring all manner of illustrations of yuri cunnilinguists, doubtless of interest to fans of  lesbian erotica.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 14, 2013 01:21

    do you know what the name of the anima the first pic is of... More

  • gyuuula commented on January 24, 2012 01:16

    kiss on the petals 1-2... More

Queen’s Blade Hentai Awakening Anime



The fifth episode of ero-anime Queen’s Blade brings with it the much anticipated awakening of oppai queen Menas, to say nothing of the usual yuri antics and occasional supernatural raep.

You can see this in some detail below:

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  • Anonymous commented on November 5, 2012 06:17

    This anime seems to have great potential... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 22, 2010 21:59

    i watched the first episode and didnt like it very much, but oh wel....lets try again... More

Yuri Docking Idols


A pair of idols “docking”, along with appropriate pantsu exposure and rather strong yuri overtones.

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  • Tri commented on December 21, 2011 04:48

    Sexy Yuri... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 31, 2011 20:21

    "With knee socks and colourful pantsu, it doesn’t look like much more in the way of moe accessories could visibly be added with this angle…" Yes there can. Dress them as maids.... More



One artist with a very distinctive style few will want to miss is ぐす / Gusu, instantly recognisable by his use of a carefully restrained palette, bordering on monochrome.

His works tend to deal strongly with themes of yuri, as well as exhibitionism and onanism (especially anal beads for some reason few will complain about), well evidenced by the sampling presented below.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 17, 2010 09:52

    asd... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 15, 2009 03:27

    That guy is a good!!!... More

Sanya Fundoshi Fitting


Eilanya prepares for some matsuri particpation, which means fundoshi. Eila seems to be relishing the opportunity to assist Sanya for some reason…

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  • LunarSD commented on April 26, 2009 01:32

    My Informatics department just disbanded in shame and frustration ;_; It's a big Internet out there, cake or no cake. Here's the image I described above anyway: http://images.encyclopediadramatica.com/images/b/b0/Cakecensored.jpg... More

  • BuggyBY commented on April 26, 2009 00:04

    'Fraid not. "IT IS DELICIOUS CAKE, I MUST EAT IT" predates even the Kanokon manga by about half a decade.... More

Strap-On Domination Gallery


A gallery of ladies dominating with strap-on dildos, sometimes called “peniban” in Japanese, with the usual fetishistic uses of this particular item well reflected, but also with some relatively romantic yuri usage demonstrated.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 14, 2013 03:47

    How is that not fair? stupid masochistic logic.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 14, 2013 03:45

    more sick fucks... More

K-On! Yuri Moe


The girls of K-On! relax from the strain of their booming popularity for a brief while, with charming results.

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  • Hyatt commented on May 22, 2009 12:42

    I'm a bit too much like Mio to pick her as my prospective bride. And since Mio and Ritsu are destined to marry, it's only logical for me to pick Ritsu. :|... More

  • Companion_Cube commented on April 26, 2009 13:35

    Unfortunately, the cake turned out to be a lie and all of those Mio fans were burned in the furnace. Thus, Tsugumi then took it upon herself to rape Mio of her virginity. The End. =3... More

Queen’s Blade Total Yuri Raep Anime



The latest and third episode of hentai anime Queen’s Blade has attracted praise for the quality of its nipples, though erotic angles and hungry serpents also ensure the lascivious tastes of fans are well satisfied:

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  • Petrick commented on February 19, 2013 22:40

    wow !... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 8, 2010 11:13

    it's very good thanks ;p... More

Yuri Tribadism Hentai Gallery


A gallery of illustrations of lesbian frottage, which the hentai encyclopaedia assures us is properly known as tribadism; this encompasses all kinds of genital-genital rubbing, however improbable, and is sure to be of interest to many.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 21, 2013 01:58

    55... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 21, 2012 04:13

    Not "always very anatomically uncomfortable" if done right.... More

Chun-Li vs Cammy Yuri Street Fighter Cosplay Bout


Two cosplayers portraying Street Fighter characters Chun-Li and Cammy appear locked in grueling combat.

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  • lek commented on December 15, 2010 16:30

    Oh...yes... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2010 17:01

    YES!... More

Yoshika Oppai Hat


Yoshika enjoys some impromptu hat wearing, courtesy of the generously endowed Charlie, and with support from Lynette.

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  • Teacherzpet commented on April 4, 2009 18:03

    Am I the only one who don't see them as being saggy? I mean, she's even lying down... that, and there's gravity at play here, for once. The gravure idols I spoke of aren't saggy... More

  • Castronaut commented on April 4, 2009 07:43

    Wait, you mean AMERICAN? ... Wait, I mean LIBERION?... More

Koihime Musou Loli Yuri Hentai School OVA



The seventh DVD release of hentai kingdoms anime Koihime Musou, an OVA, is attracting much note for the extensive array of erotic content on offer.

All manner of loli oppai and yuri antics are featured, in a setting which parodies the standard school anime so overused by the genre. You can see more detail below.

In addition to the actual feature, a slew of extras come with the limited edition, included a topless Chouhi loli oppai mouse pad…

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  • Andices commented on March 4, 2010 22:25

    Argh it's hurt my eyes i think it have started to bleed T_T... More

  • Echo The Black Mage commented on August 10, 2009 07:26

    Let me gess........BLARRRRRRRGH WTFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More

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