Saber Fate/Zero Rider Figure


Good Smile Company’s new biker Saber figure looks sure to earn a compulsory place in the figure collections of Saber fanatics everywhere, showing off both Saber‘s smart Fate/Zero outfit and her rather stylish ride…

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  • Anonymous commented on January 2, 2012 23:57

    On a side note, maybe the Fate/Prototype OVA would be more up your alley then.... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 1, 2012 01:17

    I liek ze motorcycle.... More

Jingai Makyo Ignis Figure


Jingai Makyo, one of Nitroplus’ famous visual novels, will have its fiery character Ignis made into a poseable figure by Yamato, sporting her katana and sub-machine gun and due for June 2012.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 26, 2011 02:07

    THIS. the endless winter version of Ignis is one of the most beautiful figures I have ever seen.... More

  • Victorique Obsessor Maidniac commented on December 25, 2011 22:28

    Indeed, that was the figure I was still hunting for. Every online shops I've seen already have her running out of stock, if not selling her in triple digits dollars. The only ones I can... More

Cute Kyoko Sakura Nendoroid


Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica‘s spear wielding magical puella Kyouko Sakura is to be made available in cute Nendoroid form come May 2012, courtesy of Good Smile Company.

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  • UncommonOtaku commented on December 21, 2011 02:20

    wut da heil ? ! ! this is one weird nendo - mieyaoe not likkie... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 19, 2011 19:27

    KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA NGHHHHHH i wan it >////////<... More

Kyouko Sakura Figma


Max Factory plans a fine Figma of Sakura Kyoko for April 2012, coming not only with a spear but also a scoldable little akuma…

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  • Bayonette commented on December 7, 2011 03:47

    Now that all of the magical girls are now complete, let's see if there would be a Walpurgis Nacht Witch figma... or even Goddess Madoka!... More

  • Gitami commented on December 6, 2011 23:20

    Anko-chan!... More

Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure


Fate/Extra‘s Saber has been made into a splendid and highly detailed figure by Gift, set for a May 2012 release, and looking as if it may well become one of the essentials for any self-respecting Saber fan.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 4, 2011 21:06

    Sadly, Saber Bride's face is the same as her predecessors... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 4, 2011 21:05

    Joan of Arc is definitely different! Caster is blind although his eyes are huge ~_~... More

Metal Slug Fiolina Germi Figure


Fans of retro games will remember Metal Slug and its Italian heroine Fiolina Germi, or Fio – who will now be made into a figure in March 2012, courtesy of Embrace Japan and featuring such elements of the game as the Metal Slug tank, a wooden bridge and a prisoner of war.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 11, 2011 18:12

    Always played as her, and only her.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 3, 2011 16:23

    Like hell she is :/... More

Curvaceous Selvaria Bles Bikini Figure


Sexy Valkyria Selvaria Bles dons a rather small bikini but still sees fit to bring along her arsenal in this April 2012 figure.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 30, 2011 10:36

    Sad virgins are sad.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 30, 2011 06:20

    At least this figure looks like she does in the game. Alter's previous Selvaria's face was so different I wouldn't have recognized her outside of her costume.... More

Sengoku Rance Uesugi Kenshin Figma


Max Factory is making a rather convincing new Figma edition of popular eroge Sengoku Rance‘s strongest swordswoman Uesugi Kenshin, set to be released in March 2012 by Max Factory.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 20, 2011 10:24

    This is another great offering from Figma. I'm not familiar with the ero-game she's from, but she's a beauty. With that said, the pointy helmet looks stupid. She looks far better without it. Just sayin'.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 20, 2011 02:29

    IT'S A GUNDAM! A cute gundam that is... More

Sanada Yukimura Nendoroid


Fans of Sengoku Basara‘s fierce Sanada Yukimura will soon have a new Nendoroid of him to add to their collection, courtesy of Phat Company.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 19, 2011 07:25

    No he's me boyfriend hands off bitch !!... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 19, 2011 03:59

    My new boyfriend hehe SANADA YUKIMURA !! hehe !! 2D owns all the 3D guys are jerks anyways !!... More

Fate/Zero Saber Figma


Newly aired Saber anime Fate/Zero‘s latest version of Saber is to receive a Figma, clad in nothing less than a fine black suit and wielding a sharp pointy thing.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 28, 2012 19:59

    Never, because if you keep buying Sabers they'll do Sabers. Damn there isnt even a Gilgamesh or Archer figma and we have almost 8 Sabers.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 10, 2011 23:33

    That suit is suitable for her... More

Gertrud Barkhorn Strike Witches 2 Figure


Gertrud again returns in figure form thanks to Alter’s craftsmanship. Heavily armed with two MG42, striker units, and wearing her fine trousers, she will be released in March 2012.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 26, 2012 08:44

    german fail... More

  • NakkiNyan commented on November 5, 2011 15:08

    Not much different than gender flipping chuck and poking fun at him breaking the sound barrier by making charlotte a rabbit.... More

Puella Magi Sayaka Miki Figma


Magical swordsmistress Miki Sayaka dons her mahou shoujo costume and wields a long sharp point thing for this Figma in February 2012, courtesy of Max Factory.

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  • Hong Xiang Yue commented on October 31, 2011 14:14

    Nice figma... But Where's The Face in episode 7???... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 25, 2011 12:55

    Looks good but she still needs the "I'm such a fool" face.... More

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