Loli vs Anime Marriage


Q. Which would you marry?

A: Loli

B: Anime character”

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  • Anonymous commented on January 4, 2013 11:28

    Can the answers be combine together?... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 16, 2011 08:35

    Anime Character = Image body, urealistic flesh. Only to watch and just for fapping material. You will be a cherry boy forever. Loli = Real body, real flesh. You can feel her cute little body and... More

Japanese TV CG Happening


Just as it has all manner of bizarre and erotic happenings in the realm of 3D photography, Japanese TV also has a notable interest in using bizarre computer generated diagrams to show those more difficult to understand situations to the audience.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 2, 2010 07:35

    what's so mysterious about someone trying to get their bike out of the elevator and then get squished as the elevator goes down? (bike in an elevator, for those idiots who keep their bikes locked... More

  • noi_sama commented on July 27, 2009 01:09

    this is a "test" how human would respond, so its seems, what would you think?... More

K-On! Welcomes New Member in OP: Azusa


The latest episode of K-ON! introduced the show’s 5th band member, Azusa, with a number of changes to its OP, although the ED remains as before.

The new OP version can be seen below, as well as a helpful side by side comparison of the modified sections…

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  • ManaYagami commented on June 18, 2009 00:15

    A winrar is you!... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 5, 2009 16:31

    M-meow!... More

Haruhi Otaku Champion


The tale we heard of ardent Haruhi fans booking into Saitama business hotels to catch the very earliest airing of the new season appears to have been true.

For one very special fan, this entailed booking into the hotel, constructing a mobile Haruhi shrine around the TV, and then proceeding to upload pictures of his viewing, along with celebratory comments like “It’s here!” and “Gratz!”, to 2ch’s Haruhi board in realtime.

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  • Halconnen commented on August 28, 2009 22:16

    Anon two above: When I said "caught on" I meant, going from: "This HAS to be a joke." to "This IS a joke. Hahah~!" The amount of detail they put into that episode was fun as heck. I... More

  • Celestz commented on July 19, 2009 10:46

    Now that's absurd.... More

Haruhi Second Season Begins


The long awaited second season of the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi has begun, secreted in the midst of a rerun of the first season, and as revealed earlier is the new “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” episode.

What remains of Haruhi fandom has exploded, and 2ch entered into meltdown mode with hundreds of posts a minute.

You can see something of the episode below:

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  • Giovi commented on November 16, 2010 13:15

    WOOOOOOOT!! Look at her, isn't she ADORABLE!!! say no and your testicles will drop... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 18, 2009 11:36


Desperate Otaku Converge on Saitama for Haruhi Broadcast


In a few hours, it will be known whether the latest episode of the Haruhi rerun will be a new episode or not. But it seems the prospect of waiting days for the episode to air in their own region, or having to wait hours to see it by other means, is just too much for Haruhi otaku.

We hear this from a 2ch denizen:

“I work in a Saitama business hotel. Since yesterday we have been having all kinds of calls asking whether the hotel has reception of Saitama TV [which carries one of the earliest airings of the episode]… I laughed.”

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  • Anonymous commented on June 6, 2009 17:28

    Haruhi? Who is she? Am just waiting to see Yuki.... More

  • Raso commented on May 22, 2009 21:05

    so would Haruhi x Mio make everyone happy?... More

Haruhi Second Season Episode Dated


Against all reason Haruhi fans are still hoping for clarification on the matter of whether the rerun currently airing will actually contain new episodes, and with Kadokawa merrily stringing them along, they are left to glean what they can from third party reports.

The latest such report comes from the recent Wakayama TV listings, and seems quite credible as such.

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  • Aiko Goddess commented on March 6, 2010 22:31

    Same here xD... More

  • Anne commented on May 24, 2009 21:26

    I just watched the episode 1 of season 2...the drawing is crappy.still, it's story related/ =)... More

Mio Anamorphic Panchira Fantasy



Mio’s much anticipated shimapan panchira has come and gone, leaving 2ch to speculate about the shape of things in the missing anamorphic segments, perhaps due in the satellite broadcast…

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  • gundam commented on May 12, 2009 18:10

    Moe Moe Kyun... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 11, 2009 19:42


The Six Faces of Sengoku Basara


Improbably good looking samurai anime Sengoku Basara earlier attracted attention for the inexplicable differences in the broadcast versions currently airing, but these now pale in comparison to the latest comparison showing off the various versions of the anime to have come to pass…

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  • OTIKA commented on November 8, 2009 16:54


  • Anonymous commented on September 5, 2009 22:50

    watched the cbc one... More

Queen’s Blade Censorship Frenzy: Even Pantsu Banned


Terrestrial viewers in many regions are reeling with the latest onslaught of the censors on hapless oppai anime Queen’s Blade.

The most recent episode, acclaimed for erotic massage of oppai pharoah Menas, has suffered more heavily than ever under their hand, and now it seems even gratuitous panchira, the very lifeblood of the series, are no good.

You can see a detailed comparison of the two versions below:

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  • payne commented on May 8, 2009 05:32

    don't block the da goodies... More

  • Artefact commented on May 8, 2009 04:13

    Experience demonstrates we can actually have two articles on every episode, one for the episode, the other for the censorship.... More

“The Anime Bubble is Burst, Moe & Fansubs are to Blame”


Anime industry figures say the anime boom of the past several years is ended, and the industry is quick to point fingers.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 10, 2012 07:15

    Not due to fansubs. Due to recession (not willing to green light as many shows if they aren't going to sell) lack of variety (go ahead, count how many anime harem shows are releasing. Over... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 9, 2010 04:23

    I would say English is not an ugly language spoken, just that you hear it so god damn much in the west its easy to become disillusioned. By the way, im talking about REAL... More

Natsu no Arashi Paipan Censorship Failure


Here we see a scene from the recently aired episode of quality anime Natsu no Arashi. We might expect the leaves to be obscuring her in a case such as this…

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  • Anonymous commented on April 1, 2010 20:38

    The first episode doesn't really give a proper picture of the series.... More

  • knee_san commented on July 29, 2009 01:11

    reverse trap... More

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