To Love-Ru Darkness Trades Service For Drama


The rampant sexiness of seductive H-manga To Love-Ru Darkness has temporarily withdrawn as its story takes a much darker turn, yet it is still managing to squeeze in some service (of the less outlandish sort) to meet reader expectations.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 12, 2015 12:35

    Wow, that reflection of Lala's vagina and anus is a step in a new direction for this manga, funny how people missed it, like 90% of readers XD (It's on page 21 of chapter 61, well... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 10, 2015 14:36

    All drama no service - wrong on both counts. Depending on how you measure service, there's possibly more service here than any previous chapter.... More

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd BD Busts Out




To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd‘s newest BD has perhaps matched its manga original in terms of service by eliminating all its censorship, allowing its full-frontal nudity and escapades to be seen the way they were meant to be, if still doing little in justifying Rito’s ceaseless cowardice.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 3, 2015 17:34

    Rito is cute as a coward these narrow minded straights can't even look at both sides so glad I'm bi. A simpler way is to leave all things out but the thought are they cute?... More

  • ElementK2 commented on November 2, 2015 08:06

    Cant wait until all the others come out!... More

To Love-Ru: True Princess Precious Pantsu PV




The latest gameplay PV for To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: True Princess has at last tantalized impatient fans with some of the absurdly sexy antics the series is known for, apparently made possible with the game’s “Suke Suke Goggle-kun”, which allows players to see through clothing during some events. (the goggles only being available to those who purchased the limited edition version of the game)

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  • Anonymous commented on November 1, 2015 09:48

    He is clearly flustered he just has these things called self control and respect for women.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 29, 2015 19:22

    But there are more than the string type, there are shorter panties... The bikini (beach) are big too.... More

To Love-Ru: True Princess Trailer Truly Tame




Disappointment has emerged from the latest trailer for To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: True Princess as it has showcased almost no service (much like the one before it), choosing to instead re-introduce its band of heroines, leaving fans hoping that the visual novel aspects will at least be of phenomenal quality to make up for it all…

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  • Anonymous commented on October 25, 2015 18:10

    I disagreed with you, my interest in Japanese culture motivated me to absorb knowledge related to them. Everyone start out not knowing other countries' cultures but does this mean there is no benefits from attempting... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 25, 2015 18:03

    Hey! Be respectful of gays even if you aren't one yourself, what is your problem with a 2D character acting the way he is due to his upbringing? Do I blame your parents for the... More


Legions of fans have come to a consensus on the top 10 male anime characters they’d most prefer to see in a gender-swapped form, the ranking being conquered by a particularly effeminate male who notoriously avoids any and every opportunity to express his masculinity toward attractive girls…

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  • Anonymous commented on November 11, 2016 04:30

    anyone from boku no pico:D... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 25, 2016 08:07

    It's pretty clear cut by science..... I've seen people cuss out religion based on science and then turn around and defend this gender crap because 'feelings' Make some sense please people.... More

To Love-Ru Darkness Ero-Manga Bottoms Out


The luscious girls of supremely sexy ero-manga To Love-Ru Darkness have once again been awkwardly thrown into compromising positions courtesy of its latest release, including some more staple bathing action as well that will surely keep the ultimate H-manga’s reputation on top, even as the reputation of its protagonist amongst alpha circles continues to languish.

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  • ChaoticThinker commented on August 4, 2016 14:21

    I fucking love To Love-Ru... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 5, 2015 12:09

    Is that Momo's anus being reflected in Rito's eye? :3... More




The scandalous 12th airing of To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd has at last animated a classic scene from its titular ero-manga involving some naughty shenanigans with magic portals, naturally leading to the cowardly Rito being thrust face-first into another enviable situation – which will surely have no repercussions as well, like always.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 2, 2015 18:06

    @10:06 I SAID nipples and panty-shots isn't a big deal as long as they don't cross the line, when did I specifically mention that they don't care? And Of course America TV won't allow nudity but... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 2, 2015 10:06

    I said people OUGHT TO boycott the censored version, dingbat. Obviously they're not, because this is still on the air. Please think about what you're saying before you post it, your sentences do not connect... More

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd BD All Clear




Ero-aficinados may be pleased with the 1st BD of beta harem anime To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd as it has been stripped of all its distracting censorship, fully exposing the lithe bodies of its many heroines much like the ero-manga, but boasting the divine addition of being animated and exceptionally pink.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 8, 2015 08:33

    It's called not treating someone you care about like an object. And since she was drunk and doing things she wouldn't normally do, him enjoying it would have been extremely messed up/creepy.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 27, 2015 12:05

    The girl I've had a crush on since we were in kindergarten is pressing my face against her naked breasts! Someone HELP ME!!!... More

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Embraces The Heat




To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd‘s hot summer escapades have heated up to an even greater degree as the show’s multitude of alluring girls participate in a mandatory pool episode, dressing themselves in tantalizing sukumizu while the plot continues unabated, and quite possibly unnoticed.

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  • marco commented on September 25, 2015 05:43

    Its a fucking faaagggg a moralfag gae fucking metro gaee and totall epic shitt a totaaaalll asshole puuussy lameee a fucking crybabyyy andd son of bitch gaee its a pathetiiic maleeee characharacter a puuussy beta who run like a giiirlll cryy... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 24, 2015 22:53

    You know in a future episode they should have Rito asleep and he gives a tail job to Momo. Then he wakes up to her have dressed in his bed and gets embarrassed... What? ...... More

To Love-Ru Darkness: True Princess PV Lacking in Service




A new PV for the soon-to-arrive “To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: True Princess” has revealed the visual novel’s excessive text-laden action, unfortunately neglecting to include the service needed to maintain the attention of the franchise’s more H-obsessed players – though the game will hopefully still be chock full of this come release.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 7, 2015 09:43

    it looks like there will be no fighting and touching girls anymore... just have to wait and see.... More

  • Reo commented on September 11, 2015 11:36

    脱ハーレム?! What!? does it mean no harem route?!... More

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Persistently Moist




The 9th spurt of To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd is seeping at the seams with an even greater supply of service than ever before, as the hopeless Rito has more attractive girls mindlessly thrown on top of him – to no avail.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 5, 2016 06:57

    I really get tired of the 'hopeless Rito' thing - if the dude chooses anyone besides Lala, Earth risks being blowed up. If he chooses Lala, he offends the girl he's loved forever. New girls... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 17, 2015 11:12

    Lala is so hot, I cant wait for her uncensored scenes... More

Pure White Yami Bikini Figure


To Love-Ru’s golden-haired mistress Yami has succumbed to the unbearable heat of summer, causing the supple girl to slip into a skimpy bathing suit as a result; Alphamax will deliver their delectable Yami figure this December, should she not freeze with her untimely arrival.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 7, 2015 00:40

    Damn junk bitch figure... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 6, 2015 23:56

    We rarely see them at all, when they are not punching Rito heheheh... More

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