Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Smoking Hot


The delightfully deadly Black Rock Shooter (who hails from the similarly named series) has become the next 2D beauty to acquire herself a cosplay from a devoted fan, sure to drastically raise awareness of the lately moribund series with her exceptional allure.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 14, 2016 19:31

    The character is supposed to be flat like a board so why pads?... More

  • Conduit commented on July 14, 2016 03:22

    Funny thing is, the cosplayer is actually wearing pads, you can plainly see them in several shots. Only thing I can think of is that they couldn't find an appropriate top in her size, so they... More

Killer Akame Cosplay Deadly Indeed


A sexy new cosplay has emerged for the seemingly invincible Akame of Akame ga Kill!, surely capturing the capable woman’s deadliness and beauty while possibly rousing further interest in the franchise’s anime and manga.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 9, 2016 17:41

    Lmao its not even bad fgts... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 6, 2016 23:43

    Awful wig styling.... More

Berserk 2016 Pucking Gruesome




The 2016 iteration of the legendary Berserk franchise has finally aired its first episode, catering to the expectations of fans by providing a wealth of impressively brutal action scenes and possibly revitalizing the magic of the series for some, despite its controversial 3D CG and animation.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 8, 2016 21:41

    I know...most of it varies from comically bad to dreadful.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 6, 2016 19:02

    i like how the images look, but the framerate of the animation sucks... i would like they could do somthin like naruto games on a serie (im not fan of naruto and have not played the... More

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Blade Masterfully Recreated


The well-received Koutetsujou no Kabaneri has inspired one highly devoted fan into replicating the anime’s formidable sword and its notable glow, yet another feat that may cause some to raise their opinions of otaku.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 1, 2016 01:10

    Glowsticks bruh, they work just fine without a blacklight.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 30, 2016 14:22

    Yeah that. My bad.... More

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Head Westward




Funimation has released a PV for the 3 Rurouni Kenshin live action films that are slated to arrive in western/US theaters this year, showcasing brief glimpses of the franchise’s fanciful swordsmanship that will surely capture the interests of violence-coveting westerners.

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  • SomeDuder commented on June 25, 2016 05:51

    Too late, readily available on usenet. Very solid movies, too. While I haven't read the original manga (Looked a little too shoujo for me), these movies tell a good story in a satisfying way.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 24, 2016 11:19

    South America is already showing them on cable tv. Kinda late for 'murriken... More

Voltron’s Blazing Sword Forged In All Its Glory



The next greatest blade to be forged by the ever competent blacksmiths of Man at Arms has been none other than Voltron‘s mighty Blazing Sword, unfortunately being of a significantly smaller size than the original portrayal so that puny humans can better attempt to wield its power.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 22, 2016 06:46

    It's nice, but in general I find their videos with bladed weapons to be less interesting. Main reason being they make like 3/4 if not more of their videos of swords & Dagger variations, which... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 21, 2016 05:31

    Right, and you're the poster child for contributing something productive and positive back into society...... More

Mesmerizing Sakura Shinguji Figure


Main heroine Sakura Shinguji of ancient mecha series Sakura Taisen has obtained a particularly pink figurine from Kotobukiya, demonstrating her extreme beauty and possibly making her a priority for figure collectors once October comes around.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2016 01:39

    so nobody is going to make a Segata Sanshiro joke considering she's pretty much his waifu.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 12, 2016 07:52

    So beautiful, is this girl a model for Reimu?... More

Peachy Momohime Figure


The beautiful and deadly Momohime of Oboro Muramasa has obtained a figure from Alter that has hopefully fully captured the extent of the aforementioned qualities, and looks sure to easily earn a spot amongst the collections of figure hoarders when she arrives in December.

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  • foeevaddr commented on June 1, 2016 13:11

    it's a re release but recolored.... More

  • Fayt commented on May 31, 2016 00:48

    I really want a PS4 port/remaster.... More

Brooding Noctis Figure


Final Fantasy XV’s emotionally troubled protagonist Noctis has acquired a poseable figure from none other than Square Enix, replicating the prince’s brooding demeanor and equipping him with a sword to make him look presentable – Noctis can ride in a car for miles with buyers this September.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 12, 2016 15:48

    meh it's your lost then. what part of "fantasy based on reality" don't you understand?... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 11, 2016 02:47

    To elaborate further... older Final Fantasy games had a wide range of unique, easily identifyable, battle-ready and/or battle-hardened characters that likely appealed to all sorts of people. Those characters often came from different wakes of... More

Wondrously Witchy Mio Sakamoto Figure


Another pants-less figure from Max Factory has arrived for not-pantsu witch anime Strike Witches, as the one and only eye-patch wearing Major Mio Sakamoto earns her keep – Mio Sakamoto can help bolster defenses against either the Neuroi or real females this September.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 8, 2016 09:58

    But magic requires high intelligence stat, hence logic ⌐■_■... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 8, 2016 06:03

    When's the new Strike Witches Brave Witches coming out and why isn't the 501 in it? The 501 kicks ass!!!... More

Titillating Tina Sprout Figure


The adorably blonde Tina Sprout from Black Bullet has given figure collectors a chance to witness her mahou shoujo outfit in the 3rd dimension, the only downside possibly being the lack of her menacing gatling gun – the Plum figure can be acquired come the summery month of July.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 24, 2016 06:08

    This is so delicious... HNNNNGGGGGGGG... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 24, 2016 06:00

    Maybe not actual rape, but statutory rape... maybe. More

Big Order “Big & Scary!”




The debut episode of Big Order has detailed the ventures of some familiar-looking characters in a world overflowing with superpowers, in a story written by the author of Mirai Nikki and seemingly possessing some of the highly acclaimed show’s staple yandere action.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2016 05:25

    Except there were no ad hominem attacks on the post you replied to.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2016 05:20

    What if, tragically, the author can only write yanderes because the women he met in life were al yanderes?... More

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