Top 20 Seiyuu with the Sexiest Voices


Seiyuu fans have selected the voice actresses with that most essential talent in abundance – a sexy voice, along with the skill to put it to good use.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 2, 2015 06:49

    Someone important (well, sort of) is not on this list, but I will agree with #1. #2 is ridiculous especially when compared to #1.... More

  • Rinfinite commented on January 27, 2013 15:23

    Is Miki Itou not popular enough? She has this really sexy MILF-y tone of voice. Sachiko-sama of Marimite and Miyo Takano of Higurashi for example. :( Would have also loved to see Michiko Neya and Aya... More

Yuri Seiyuu Shizuka Ito & Hitomi Nabatame Marry on CD


Popular yuri seiyuu couple 伊藤静 / Shizuka Ito and 生天目仁美 / Hitomi Nabatame have a CD scheduled for release which includes a recording of their “marriage ceremony”.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 21, 2011 00:09

    Yuri twincest. Even better. Maybe some yandere to top it off.... More

  • Wandering_Youth commented on July 31, 2009 22:39

    Wait...what? >_>? Ok so the marriage thing seems to be a marketing ploy, but these two seiyuu are really lesbians? Well, now I know what that nagging feeling was in the back of mind about Itou, Shizuka.... More


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