23-Year-Old Teacher Sacked for Schoolboy Sex


A 23-year-old teacher has been fired for repeatedly having sex with one of her pupils at school, apparently after he ruined things by bragging about it to classmates who then jealously made a fuss.

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  • Waynedamonium commented on December 9, 2013 13:44

    Why must you tell the world boy -_-... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 24, 2013 04:58

    The retards always have to brag about it.......He could have been enjoying those interactions to this day if he didnt feel like boasting... More

Eastern Japan Faces Crippling Blackouts


As a result of the quake, eastern Japan’s major power company Tepco has announced it plans to introduce rolling blackouts throughout much of the region, the first since the end of WWII, for as much as 6 hours a day and possibly lasting until next year.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 17, 2011 03:43

    Maybe I’ve missed something , but everybody is still talking about today. And what’s next? They are going to rebuild that old electricity system as it was before and wait for another event with nature... More

  • Wallace Hunter commented on March 15, 2011 18:02

    They keep announcing blackouts throughout Tokyo, but in my neighborhood they keep not happening. Does the disaster area not have enough of a grid to take the power, or what? Also, anyone bitching about only... More

Even You Can Find a Partner! 35% Succeed in Ota-Konkatsu


The organisers of the recent Lucky Star Konkatsu dating event are crowing over the fact that “35%” of the otaku participants successfully formed nascent otaples.

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  • Holy One commented on October 23, 2011 19:12

    *stares at the Kagamin-Kona pic* ... ('///') ... ... Huh? Wha-? Oh, the 35%. Lol.... More

  • Amir commented on December 9, 2010 10:29

    I mean this is actually kind of true. "Otaku" or in general Anime/Manga/Vocaloid fans who feel socially out of place likely have their attitude and behavior to blame more than their interests. If you want... More

Teacher Busted for Blindfold Loli Posing


A teacher has been caught blindfolding and posing his pupils in order to “express deep affection” for them in a “1-on-1 setting.”

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  • Anonymous commented on January 15, 2011 10:17

    'Sick Leave' for a sick person...... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 13, 2010 12:59

    When he says reckless. He means he was being to reckless which is why he was caught.... More

Boys Arrested for “Duelling”: “Shonen Manga to Blame”


Police have arrested two boys for the crime of duelling, blaming the influence of shonen manga.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 20, 2011 00:30

    Let's just ban everything already this is getting annoying The solution is to change people's minds not banning shit. Learn already... More

  • Ben commented on November 21, 2010 15:47

    *desperately thinking*... Yugioh made me do it!... More

Police: “Chikan Guilty Until Proven Innocent”


A man accused of groping a schoolgirl on a train was exonerated in court by forensic tests of the alleged victim’s pantsu which could find no trace of his DNA, but in spite of a not guilty verdict police still refuse to acknowledge this “unexpected” outcome, and are considering an appeal.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 13, 2013 19:50

    And they wonder why the birth rate is going down. They've got half the male population in jail and about 39 percent of the remaining half are only into 2D women, which consider all this... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 30, 2013 11:04

    He never loses a case. But, that old Judge must judge this cases too.... More

Schoolboy Gang Rapes & Robs 30 – “I Was Making a Mafia”


A gang of three boys has been arrested for 30 charges of rape and robbery, committed in a three week rampage which saw the gang target countless young women in a series of violent outrages.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 27, 2011 14:24

    What is it they think the Mafia does? Damn dirt kids being dirt as always.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 5, 2010 16:04

    I blame Facebook's Mafia wars for this.... More

18-Year-Old Busted for “Selling Child Porn” of Herself


An 18-year-old girl has been arrested on child pornography charges for selling nude pictures of herself online.

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  • harry commented on February 4, 2012 12:46

    well same thing in america if your under 18, but you don;t have to sell it for it to be child porn, you could just be sexting nude pics to your boyfriend and it would... More

  • daslasher commented on April 10, 2011 02:47

    okay shes 18 yet its child porn??????... More


The Lucky Star mikoshi, one of Washinomiya’s most sacred relics to legions of otaku devotees, will be be spending most of the year in China for the Expo 2010 Shanghai China international fair as an example of Japan’s unique modern visual art.

The mikoshi, a Shinto portable shrine used as a sort of chariot for deities during religious processions, is perhaps less well known outside of Japan than it deserves, so a brief introduction to the shrine is included below…

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  • Mikorio commented on May 27, 2010 02:29

    I went to the expo and didn't see it, is it hidden away in a nook somewhere? I walked the whole Japan Pavilion and didn't see head nor tails of it anywhere.... More

  • h8GWB commented on May 22, 2010 14:40

    You mean bootleg the mikoshi, so that more people can have them?... More


Saitama Prefecture, well known for being the spiritual home of Lucky Star, has published an official proposal to bolster the prefecture’s already substantial anime tourism trade via such otaku-oriented methods that include a previously reported plan to change schoolgirl uniforms to anime seifuku cosplay.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 25, 2010 03:42

    I want to see all the creepy bastards that'll flock there just for the girls.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 24, 2010 23:54

    I'd like to see Da Japanese Ahnold, Lunar Papa from seto no hanayome as the male uniforms. That was set in saitama right?... More

Priest Burns Down Own Temple in $3,000,000 Scam


The chief priest of a 500-year-old Buddhist temple allegedly burnt down his own temple to fraudulently collect millions of dollars in insurance and so pay off huge debts incurred in the course of a lavish lifestyle, which saw him frequenting hostess bars and driving about town in a BMW.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 14, 2010 18:40

    I understood that some Buddhist Temples in Japan is hereditary, meaning the Chief Priest usually inherits it from their parents. I think it started around this century and it somehow became like a business... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 12, 2010 18:06

    In 2009, the same chief priest was charged with assault after he dragged a 64-year-old out of a snack bar one night and beat him after the man had the temerity to tell the priest... More

8-Year-Old Transsexual Shocks Japanese School


Japanese schools are struggling to accommodate skyrocketing diagnoses of “gender identity disorder,” which have seen boys as young as 8 attend school clad in skirts and said to be “girls.”

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  • Anonymous commented on August 19, 2015 01:44

    No I wouldn't have a problem with it but other young girls or boys would not understand as many parents I'm sure haven't talked to or explained what "transgender disorder" is. My kids are 15,... More

  • Hypersleep commented on April 4, 2014 19:28

    Well said. Today's world thrives on ever-increasing lunacy. Children don't know anything about the world around them and most people don't know themselves until well into adulthood, yet we're supposed to bend a knee and... More

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