Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Deaths


Anime fans rank the anime characters death sure to leave a powerful impression on viewers, typically by reducing them to tears.

Warning: The ranking contains massive spoilers!

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  • Anonymous commented on December 8, 2012 13:16

    Why did I even start surfing through these top lists?... Should've figured it would boil down to popular vote. And by that definition, most viewed shows will rank, with much lessened regard to actual relevance. Most... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 11, 2012 14:57

    One piece is sooo good that people tell you to skip the first 200 eps if your gonna start watching it.. thats how badly the show fails. I thought the art and characters sucked ass... More

Madoka Cosplay Sexier Than Ever


A gathering of top ero-cosplayers makes for what must be the sexiest Puella Magi Madoka Magica cosplay yet – featuring Tsukushi as Madoka, Lenfried as Homura, Ushijima as Kyouko, Pude as Mami and Miya as Sayaka.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 30, 2011 01:34


  • Anonymous commented on June 9, 2011 11:19

    They just ruined it...... More

“Should Anime Have a Message?”


Anime fans have lately been discussing whether anime should have a “message,” with the general sentiment apparently being that it is better off without it.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 14, 2015 14:18

    Only seinen anime need to have a message... everything else should be fun, or ecchi... or BOTH!... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 21, 2011 20:21

    @above,it's a typo,should have been "Puritans", not Purigans... More

Top 10 Shaft Anime


Anime fans have voted to determine the best Shaft anime, with the top spot a predictable battle between recent blockbusters Madoka and Bakemonogatari.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 2, 2011 13:07

    My list: 1. Bakemonogatari 2. ef - a tale of memories 3. Dance in the Vampire Bund 4. ef - a tale of melodies 5. Madoka Magika 6. Tsukuyomi Moonphase 7. Hidamari Sketch 8. Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei 9. Negima 10. SoreMachi... More

  • Neko-tan commented on July 9, 2011 21:08

    I upvoted you, because the anime is really failed at tear-jerking. I cried when Furukawa Nagisa died, I cried of happiness in 'ef' ending, I cried when people bid Menma farewell in it's ending, but I laughed... More

Top 10 Yuri Anime


Fans of female on female romance supply a ranking of the best yuri (or “girls love”) anime, a ranking which proves to be surprisingly heavy on plot and light on service.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 22, 2011 02:36

    Fuck you.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 22, 2011 02:36

    I dunno, should be a bit higher than Strike Witches :/... More


An adorably cute Nendoroid edition of top magical puella Kaname Madoka is set to be released in August 2011. She comes with her mahou shoujo bow, a few expressions, and no less than two versions of the infamous Kyuubee.

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  • PrinceHeir commented on May 9, 2011 14:00

    awww soo cute :P... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 7, 2011 04:04

    my question is how they make those rings on QB's ears suspend?... More

Madoka Holic


Shaft has earned the appreciation of fans with some rather unsubtle Maria Holic Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magic omake parody material…

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  • Zeta986 commented on December 12, 2011 18:20

    because Shaft=head tilt... More

  • tyciol commented on May 4, 2011 16:59

    Can Madoka parody itself?... More


Fans of Mahou Shoujo Madoka have been delighted to note that for the Blu-ray release Shaft has (as usual) taken the opportunity to fix all the dodgily animated bits and substantially upgrade many of the merely “alright” parts, resulting in the definitive magical puella experience.

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  • tyciol commented on May 4, 2011 17:09

    mmm /人◕ ◕人\ delicious flat chesto... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 4, 2011 04:48


“The Real Reason Madoka was Cancelled”


Madoka fans have been presented with what is in all probability the reason behind the severely delayed/edited 11th episode of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 27, 2011 02:40

    MSMM = Gawd of Magical Girl Animu... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 27, 2011 00:11

    Missed that part... thanks.... More

Madoka “Best Anime Ever”


The final episode of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has belatedly aired, to universal acclaim – with some fans going so far as to call it the “best anime ever,” and the vast majority recognising it as “godly” in more ways than one.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 19, 2012 12:38

    I disagree. That ribbon made me harder than I've ever been.... More

  • Holy One commented on May 28, 2011 00:06

    We all were happy with the ending, weren't we? Lol.... More

Madoka Figures None Too Promising?


Magical puella fans are lamenting the fact that Ume Aoki’s distinctive character designs are looking all but impossible to render into figures effectively – the first such figure to arrive, a bikini-clad Madoka, is looking distinctly awkward.

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  • PrinceHeir commented on April 25, 2011 15:06

    nice nice2 :D... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 23, 2011 13:43

    This isn't bad at all!... More

Moody Akemi Homura Cosplay


Magical puella Akemi Homura from mahou shoujo massacre anime Puella Magi Madoka is here given a suitably moody cosplay rendition by Mai:

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  • Anonymous commented on May 25, 2011 11:37

    they mean that his face is not wide... More

  • Tech commented on May 10, 2011 05:07

    Yeah I'd be willing to bet over $9000 that it's an airsoft gun...... More

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