Final Fantasy XIII Ships 1.8 Million Copies on First Day


Final Fantasy XIII is unsurprisingly shaping up to be a major hit, with the game, a PS3 exclusive in Japan, shipping over 1.8 million copies on its opening day.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 19, 2017 01:14

    Who thought it would be this bad?... More

  • OkamiFrenzy commented on January 5, 2010 13:05

    :D this game is gonna be a hit no matter how many bad replies... woot FFXIII :D... More

Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2009


A list of the most disappointing games of 2009 which has begun circulating provides some uncontroversial choices, with the disastrous King of Fighters 12 port heading the list…

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  • Anonymous commented on June 19, 2011 08:56

    UR a fucking idiot to think Modern warfare 2 is a good game its total crap even of Veteran it should not be mentioned as an infinty ward game as its so terrible compared... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 31, 2009 15:09

    that's true... More

Top 10 Games of 2009, According to Amazon

hatsune-miku-project-diva-shima-bikini-by-tatami-itizyou has revealed its top selling games of 2009 (minus Final Fantasy XIII), and the result seems to confirm the expected carve up of the market between RPGs and casual games, and the PS3/PSP and Wii/DS…

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  • Anonymous commented on December 10, 2017 23:35

    How times changed...... More

  • Ryuhouji commented on June 26, 2012 04:18

    I don't care about the list. I just find it funny 360 aint on it XD... More

PlayStation Network to Begin Charging?


Sony’s PlayStation Network may not be free of subscription fees much longer, according to oblique remarks by its CTO.

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  • Striker25 commented on July 14, 2010 07:55

    Meh Mario kart... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 28, 2010 10:10

    If it's anti-sony propaganda then why did you come here?... More

Star Ocean 4 Xbox Beta After All!


Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International, the PS3 edition of Star Ocean 4, is apparently set to have additional characters in addition to the previously publicised enhancements, suggesting the Xbox 360 may have been a beta much as with Tales of Vesperia, a prospect sure to aggravate long suffering Xbox RPG fans.

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  • starsplash commented on September 10, 2010 22:49

    wheres ur source? No source, Shut the hell up and stop making dumb assumptions.... More

  • Kamigod commented on December 30, 2009 10:09

    sweeeet love the StarOcean series i was so close to buyin a 360 for this. but i aleady knew this was gonna happen SO4 on bluyay yay... More

PS3 “Almost Breaking Even”


Analysts are reporting the PS3, each unit of which has famously sold at a substantial loss since its release, may be approaching the point at which Sony is actually making money on hardware sales.

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  • man1 commented on December 20, 2009 22:40

    Hmm... Kinda hoping they remain stuck making losses so sales price would be forced to go down, but then I might be wrong. Heck, I'm no business bloke. I might be contradicting myself here - The... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 15, 2009 10:06

    Well the hackers will probably fix the no linux problem.... More

Dream C Club on PlayStation: “We’d Like To!”


The developers of hit hostess seduction simulator Dream C Club have expressed their desire to bring the game out on the PlayStation.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 19, 2009 06:32

    No. Where is the dedicated gpu and infinite bandwidth cheat?... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 13, 2009 14:03

    More DLC needed. Its like the old im@s catalogues all over again. Couldn't care less about any other platform long as they don't try and pull any exclusives like Vesperia.... More

Ar Tonelico 3 Stripping Powerups


Ar Tonelico 3’s already substantial erotic credentials are shaping up with the revelation that characters gain power levels by removing their clothing, something sure to delight fans of scantily clad flat-chested girls…

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  • Anonymous commented on December 13, 2009 11:33

    You misunderstood. I was not saying his assessment on the nature of today's JRPGs was incorrect, I was merely stating that his opinion is utterly worthless and that he is in no position to tell... More

  • Zael Miyamoto commented on December 13, 2009 04:21

    Given a choice, I wouldn't. But annoying siblings and parents, they exist. Barging into your room while you're playing, etc?... More

NieR Replicant Futanari Abuse


Square Enix’s upcoming futanari action game NieR Replicant seems to have some dubious pleasures in store for Kainé..

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  • Anonymous commented on April 17, 2016 14:23

    Where is the Penis, when I search for Futanari I only find Women with Penis why is this man with boobs and Vagina thats fakn lame -.-... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 31, 2010 10:47

    here have a cookie.... More

Valkyria Chronicles 2: “We Have Too Many Male Fans”


The developers of the controversial sequel to Valkyria Chronicles have openly admitted their decision to shift the title to a bishonen-based school RPG on the PSP is based on a desire to exploit the modest success of the anime adaptation and their distaste for the “95% male” fan-base of the original.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 6, 2011 03:42

    a zombie will suffice... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 10, 2010 21:38

    lol, @eromango. Not every girl stereotypical. My sis ask for Madworld and Deadspace. She is even play metalslug with me.... More

Bayonetta Hentai Gallery


Sexy witch Bayonetta has set the gaming world afire with her carefully crafted erotic allure, and naturally enough this has inspired a wide variety of spectacular artwork, particularly art of an erotic nature, and in every style from western and 3D CG to moe…

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  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2014 16:04

    Ritos ritos everywhere!!!!... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 24, 2013 05:09

    she looks like an anime character...... More

Vengeful Girlfriend Destroys PS3 with Hammer


Once again a violent girlfriend apparently takes out her frustrations on her boyfriend’s console, in this case a “hot Asian girl” smashing apart her boyfriend’s PS3 with a hammer.

The video:

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  • Anonymous commented on January 12, 2012 18:46

    Stop making sense!... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 7, 2011 02:22

    Yes please.... More

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