Low-Angle Goddess


Nagi-sama in tantalising low-angle glory, with nary a chink in her armour of modesty. Who would need one, with images of her bathing and doing whatever else now so abundant?

Full size image on the Channel.

  • Jarmel commented on December 16, 2008 01:40

    Question is there a Nagi artbook?... More

  • metatron commented on December 14, 2008 18:28

    oh lol no wonder... More

Kannagi Calendar From ComicREX Magazine


Fans of troubled series Kannagi might want to know that the Jan. 2009 issue of manga anthology magazine ComicREX (コミックレックス) will include a 2009 Kannagi Calendar.

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  • Peter Payne commented on December 15, 2008 12:10

    Shall I assume that people would like us to carry this on our Reserve Subscription lineup at J-List?... More

  • metatron commented on December 14, 2008 18:17

    do want!... More

Toradora! Ero Gallery


Naturally, fan made Toradora images often take a rather erotic turn. You can familiarise yourself with this welcome trend in this gallery.

Explore these and many more Toradora images on the Channel. There also happen to be some very appealing images in the accompanying Toradora moe gallery.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 13, 2009 12:53

    if you are a man.... you've got serious trouble... but dont worry, a couple of times watching bible black and alike will put you in the right road again!... More

  • Momotaros commented on May 29, 2009 15:16

    Lol the last one! XD... More

Toradora! Moe Gallery


Fan created imagery of Toradora characters, naturally focused on Aisaka Taiga, but also extending to Kushieda Minori and even Ami, has emerged in profusion with the great popularity the series now enjoys. In this gallery we look at some of the more interesting moe images.

Explore these and many more Toradora images on the Channel. Very high resolution versions os some images reside there. You may like to explore the companion ero-gallery as well…

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  • Anonymous commented on May 18, 2010 21:51

    that is some delicious meron-pan... More

  • Yurlungur commented on October 2, 2009 04:32

    Ah, Taiga... The pics of Taiga and Shana were really cute, I never thought of that combo.... More

Nagi-sama Santa

Nagi-sama Santa

Somehow, this isn’t very Shinto, but I think few fans are likely to complain about this charming Santa Nagi-sama.

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  • Renzan commented on January 30, 2009 20:33

    but nagi-sama have a sister whose a "sister"... More

  • Onni commented on December 4, 2008 03:56

    I say in the spirit of Shinto, we should call it Yule instead.:)... More

Tiger Nekomimi Taiga

Tiger Nekomimi Aisaka Taiga

Tsundere Taiga Aisaka here gets a school pantomime nekomimi cosplay version, courtesy of  the January issue of Megami. Unusually, she is neither scowling, attacking or even blushing in a state of near undress.

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  • shini commented on January 31, 2009 16:11

    yeah the nude filler is interesting... though i got it by surprise... special ordered a poster with the original clothed image and got the nude filler instead since the image i sent wasnt good enough... More

  • doooom commented on January 22, 2009 08:59

    all i can say about this picture is YES... More

Taiga & Ami’s Disappearing Swimsuits

Taiga & Ami's Disappearing Swimsuits

The ardent will to photoshop which seemingly grips those confronted with the infuriating prospect of a still clothed Aisaka Taiga once again emerges, this time also seeing fit to incorporate antagonist Kawashima Ami into the picture.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 1, 2009 08:35

    Where's Ami's bush?... More

  • devilangel commented on May 14, 2009 14:33

    ami's boobies are mine :D... More

Naked Bathing Goddess Nagi

Naked Bathing Goddess Nagi

Delicious goddess Nagi-sama appears in one of her most spectacularly alluring poses to date. This comes from the latest issue of Megami magazine, which is packed full of interesting images this month, more of which you are sure to see shortly.

The very high resolution version.

  • Floripes commented on March 9, 2009 04:30

    Nagi is delicious.... More

  • Dee commented on December 1, 2008 12:04

    We should add some salt & pepper in to make it more delectable =P... More

The Thighs of a Goddess

The Thighs of a Goddess

Nagi-sama’s thighs are constantly, yet subtlely, emphasised to great erotic effect in both the official art and anime of Kannagi, and this image is a superb exemplar of just that, showing them off rather tastefully.

The rapid development and increase in quantity of Kannagi related art is truly a pleasure to behold, whether official or distinctly less official in character…

  • Anonymous commented on March 8, 2009 03:34

    Haruhi is the light! There s no god bur Haruhi-Sama! What happens i it turns out that Haruhi detests this polytheism and demands that all worship her and only her? She'll destroy... More

  • Spoony Bard commented on November 30, 2008 14:22

    Ah, a valid point you make there. I actually prefer it this way, I'd rather not have to choose between the two. Nagi-sama and Haruhi-sama are equally lovable.... More

Aisaka Taiga Loses Her Shirt – Nude Filter Style

Aisaka Taiga Loses Her Shirt – Nude Filter Style

Tsundere icon Aisaka Taiga once again appears unclothed as a result of fan attention, losing her shirt quite literally, in this nude filtered piece of official art; just as before, she is pushed towards the loli end of the scale for some curious reason…

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  • Lelouch_Lemperouge commented on June 16, 2011 10:27

    so perfect!... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 25, 2011 09:10

    HA! Taiga Fat!? U Mad Blaad??... More

Sanya Nipple Strike Witches DVD Frenzy

Sanya Nipple Strike Witches DVD Frenzy

Strike Witches fans have sunk into moe induced delirium with the long awaited third Strike Witches DVD, which provides the famed episode six, wherein Sanya‘s modest endowment crushes Newtype’s servers; there is also plenty of Yoshika oppai fondling.

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  • Tyciol commented on May 15, 2009 15:01

    Arg, how can a loli just go missing from a snapshot? This is like, the mystery loli anime with ghostly apparitions and confusions.... More

  • MaidNiac commented on February 20, 2009 00:15

    What's wrong with Erica in that Birthday Cake photo anyway..? I see nothing except her uber moeness doing a double devil's head handsign.... More

Aisaka Taiga Naked Tsurupettan

Aisaka Taiga Naked Cropped

Another fine fan created image of Toradora’s tsundere tiger Aisaka Taiga reaches us; she is disticntly lacking in clothing, and so for once her blushing apprehensiveness may actually be justified. Certainly an interesting change from the chaste official art, bikini or no.

Full high resolution image below:

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  • Lelouch_Lemperouge commented on June 16, 2011 10:26

    flatchest queen! hehehehe... More

  • Ellune commented on January 6, 2011 12:36

    i think any flatter would make the character a walking cardboard.... or a girl with concave breasts.... don't wanna be there when it happens... More

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