Fender’s Evangelion Ita-Guitar


Famous K-ON! goods maker Fender has announced an Evangelion collaboration, with Ayanami Rei themed ita-guitars set for release.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 12, 2012 20:52

    Sunburst Les Paul with bullet hole. Though I've made that hole myself...... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 6, 2011 03:55

    What are you guys stupid? Strats and Teles are totally metal. Iron Maiden plays all Fenders, Strats. The Rhythm guitarist in Slipknot plays a Tele. And Kirk Hammett loves Strats, why do you think his... More

Hatsune Miku’s Project Diva Arcade Announced


Sega has announced that popular PSP Vocaloid rhythm game Project Diva is to have an arcade sequel, aptly named “Project Diva Arcade.”

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  • hALOTOO commented on October 11, 2009 14:15

    Dear Sega I hope you port Border Break to console soon ... More

  • MusicalNote commented on October 9, 2009 23:50

    Y-y-yes! Japan is only #3 on my countries to visit list, but when this comes out it may just kick its self into second place! Anyway, if this game gets ported to consoles, and has some... More

K-ON! Otaku: “Please Stop Me!”


K-ON! has long been notorious for selling large numbers of musical instruments to fans, which naturally go unplayed, but in this rather extreme case the otaku seems to have assembled instruments for the entire band, as well as headphones, a Mac and much else…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 8, 2012 03:24

    Let there be drums. Let there be drummer pics.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 23, 2012 19:04

    moe and music.... More

Nodame Cantabile Live-Action Movie Trailer Released


Yet another popular anime is receiving a movie adaptation, this time classical music comedy Nodame Cantabile; the trailer shows what to expect:

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  • Anonymous commented on October 3, 2009 05:47

    Well I will watch it but it seem to be a little offtrack...... More

  • MechaTama31 commented on September 10, 2009 23:16

    Mmmmmmm... Sweet, sweet gyabo...... More




Hatsune Miku and the other Vocaloids combine with K-ON! in this fully animated hit MAD, a close parody version of the K-ON! OP, showing devastating amounts of moe…

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  • Anonymous commented on March 4, 2010 22:15

    oh God this is so adorable... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 12, 2009 16:59

    HEY!! Neru,Haku,and Teto are in this MAD too Look at 1:23-1:25... More


Animation Kobe, an event created by the Kobe city for the promotion of animation (moderately Engrish introduction site here) has identified the winners of its 14th Annual Animation Kobe awards on its website.

Among the award winners are such anime as Eden of the East, Haruhi-chan and K-ON!, winning the TV, Network and Theme Song categories respectively.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 6, 2009 20:40

    Eve in Wall-E IS Moe. Fukken fixed!... More

  • DeviantDiscordian commented on September 6, 2009 15:54

    I happen to like Rebuild of Eva. If you disagree then that is your opinion.... More

Hirasawa Yui Figure by Alter


K-ON! moe icon Yui Hirasawa gets what will likely be her best figure incarnation for some time, and the object of desire for many of her fans…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 5, 2009 11:23

    i want all of them full set with full chibi set too ._.... More

  • @Red@ commented on September 5, 2009 08:29

    Awesome, Thats a damn good design. I want it :D... More

Hatsune Miku’s First Live Performance!


Virtual idol Hatsune Miku has given her first live performance, being rapturously received by an audience of 25,000.

The performance was held at major anime music event Animelo Summer Live:

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  • Anonymous commented on October 17, 2009 05:54

    strange...... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 2, 2009 15:58

    First Virtual Idols next is 3D Idols with real A.I. And then next tothat is Android Idols (Android Miku?).The last stage is the arrival of the true Skynet.(plus all those T-800 dressed as Miku instead of... More

Hatsune Miku’s “palette world breakdown” C76 MAD


This near professional-quality MAD of an original song by electronic songstress Hatsune Miku paired with some especially lovely visuals from a doujinshi circle has risen to #4 on the Nico Anime Rankings, and is well worth a look for fans of Miku:
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  • Azure Xuchilbara commented on March 10, 2010 04:46

    Delishush mikupits... *nosebleed*... More

  • FALLEN_GOD_BAKALOID commented on September 2, 2009 12:19

    looks like Kaito for me though.... More

Black Rock Shooter Anime Due, by Yamakan’s Ordet


Huke’s popular character Black Rock Shooter, a reimagined Hatsune Miku with guns, has been announced as receiving a music video anime by Haruhi director Yamakan’s Ordet production studio; however, it now transpires that this is actually a pilot for a full anime adaptation.

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  • XxXFl0oD3RXxX commented on March 26, 2010 20:50

    with miku songs.. >_>... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 26, 2009 19:08

    A match made in heaven between Seraphs of the anime industry.... More

K-ON! Don’t say “lazy” Ending Remade


This beautifully edited remake MAD of K-ON!‘s Don’t say “lazy” ED theme is currently sitting high on the Nico Anime Rankings at a well deserved #6 place.

The video’s style, somewhat reminiscent of the sort of kinetic typography seen before on this Haruhi PV MAD, might be hard to put into words, so it is worth a look.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 8, 2010 05:25

    No Azunyan............... ;.;... More

  • Justice Shojo commented on March 28, 2010 07:23

    Good... but the previous one had more pure effect.. this version seems remixY.. it is a remix I guess.. but one problem with remixes is that they tend to add too much clutter. Also If... More

Daler Mehndi Loev K-ON!


Bollywood pop star and unsuspecting K-ON! remix celebrity Daler Mehndi was fatefully cornered by reader Rinka, and made to pose with the girls of K-ON!

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  • Anonymous commented on October 1, 2009 05:34

    "Video Removed" And I didn't see this arcle until know.... More

  • EcureuilMatrix commented on August 9, 2009 12:03

    Next step: -A Touhou CD alogside Ronald McDonald? -A picture of Strike Witches autographed by Chuck Yeager?... More

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