Wonderful Touwa Erio Beach Queen Figure


Wave Corporation have lovingly recreated adorable moeblob Erio as a figure in their Beach Queens line, clad in her frilly white beachwear, and set to be released in January 2012.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 27, 2011 17:16

    Actually, yes. She is around 16 years old in the anime series. I'd say she's at least a 34 C cup. This makes her look prepubescent. (like a loli) which she clearly is NOT.... More

  • Zethel-san commented on September 3, 2011 11:29

    Is it just me? I the figure doesn't look much like Erio but its cute.... More

Infinite Stratos Sexy Beach Nipple Upgrades


The superiority of the Blu-ray version of Infinite Stratos has unsurprisingly been proven beyond all doubt by the arrival of the beach episode in gloriously uncensored form.

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  • Seraphix commented on August 28, 2011 12:35

    Best beach episode ever, or best beach episode ever?... More

  • ♦Diamond♦Dust♦KIRA~★ commented on August 27, 2011 14:35

    fap fap indeed.... More

A Channel Tooru Beach Queen Figure


A Channel‘s Tooru joins Wave’s Beach Queens line in a frilly bikini, wielding a formidable baseball bat, and set to be released in February 2012.

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  • Justin iZ Here commented on August 24, 2011 11:02

    tooru....withdrawals.....D: need...season....2... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 24, 2011 04:45

    What I am handing to you is a blank check with my signature on it. NOW GIVE ME TOORU.... More

Ro-Kyu-Bu! “Quality” Loli Anime


Loli basket ball anime Ro-Kyu-Bu! has lately been attracting attention for what appears to be an ongoing collapse in animation quality – much worse and basketballs will be joining cabbages in animation hall of infamy…

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  • Anonymous commented on August 25, 2011 03:30

    Yeah because the people who play basket start when they are 1.75m... Or, when they start at ~8 years they are 1.75m...... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 25, 2011 03:01

    Minimun stature for play basket: 1m.75cm .......cmon how can is posible who a loli play basket????..anime of today, have 0 logic, much fanservice, and tons of lolis.... More

Mayo Chiki! Saucy Bikini Anime



Mayo Chiki!‘s inevitable beach episode demonstrates once again the inexplicable truth that wishy-washy protagonists are amongst the cream of life’s winners…

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  • Anonymous commented on August 23, 2011 20:54


  • joakim commented on August 23, 2011 00:40

    Awsome episode, can't wait for the next one.... More

Mayo Chiki! Sexy School Festival



If anime is to be believed, Japanese school life consists of little more than a series of visits to the beach, pool, onsen and of course the school festival – if only it were so… Mayo Chiki lately delivers the latter, with poor Subaru this time forced into wearing some moderately immodest Chinese attire.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 14, 2011 23:04

    Name them please.... More

  • MK 7 DUDE commented on August 14, 2011 20:39

    Hey, at least we get enjoy the ANIME MOE LOGIC, right? X)... More

Sexy Sling Bikini Beach Bather Back, Police Powerless


A beach-goer caught frolicking and doing handstands whilst wearing an ultra-skimpy micro-sling bikini has once again apparently attracted both police and TV attention.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 15, 2011 00:36

    eh....fucking trap. shouldn't have expected too much. good one~... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 13, 2011 14:14

    This dude got style. Look at how he pose. He's probably aiming to be a pro.... More


AKB48 idol Yuki Kashiwagi‘s abundant cleavage is yet again the object of suspicion, with sceptics saying the apparent massive increase in size she enjoys from age 18 to age 20 can only be the result of surgery, whilst non-virgins and women claim she is merely a master of stuffing her cups full of padding…

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  • Gaston commented on May 24, 2015 23:59

    "guys are still getting fooled"? I dunno what you're talking about, I'll just fap to her no matter what her bust size actually is. I don't think there's anyone fooling someone else, it's just sexual interest.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 18, 2011 02:00

    How many of those retards have actually seen a real pair of breast live and not on an lcd screen.....or wait lets not insult the nerds they use led monitors now... More

Mayo Chiki Usami Ero-Moe Anime



The 5th episode of Mayo Chiki! introduces a new character, Usami Masamune, fan of the adorable Subaru, and as might be expected she is having trouble keeping her clothes on…

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  • Hawke commented on August 23, 2011 09:11

    lol!... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 13, 2011 14:39

    >Have watched anime for years >Got used to almost ever genre >Watch this ep >Have slight boner >Didn't fap tho >Decent achievement >20mins later >Re-watch and fap... More

IdolMaster Sexy Bikini Anime


IdolMaster has finally aired the ever sought-after gratuitous bikini service episode, with the entire cast gamely showing off their bikinis (save Yayoi, who somehow manages sukumizu).

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  • Gitami commented on August 13, 2011 02:53

    On the reverse side of the argument you want to be appear "edgy" or "sophisticated" so you hate it.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 13, 2011 00:37

    Picture no. 50 The Best! Miki.... More

“What Have They Done To Madoka!?”


Madoka fans have been less than delighted at the treatment meted out to the already wide Madoka in some of the official swimwear illustrations…

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  • Anonymous commented on August 26, 2011 23:39

    A girl with a normal looking body? In my animes?!... More

  • Semmy commented on August 12, 2011 01:56

    Why is it that Madoka's art style looks so much like Hidemari Sketch? I'm sure someone's done a crossover by now...... More


The latest goddess to grace 2ch with her under-dressed presence reveals that she is in fact a “half” (half-Japanese, and half-American in this case), and a big one to boot.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 14, 2015 21:44

    1... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 23, 2012 21:27

    i like mixed girls , atleast mixed chicks are never stereotypical and against foreign population , like a lot of Japs in case ....... More

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