Slim & Busty Idol Gallery


A gallery of idols and promising amateurs possessing the much sought after qualities of being slim in frame and well developed in the chest area, with some of the ladies having positively huge breasts.

Those looking for massive oppai coupled with more varied figures may also wish to look to the huge breasted idol gallery

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  • Anonymous commented on April 14, 2011 02:10

    aka HurricanBlue form Ninpu Sentai Hurricenger. surprising to see more and more busty ladies in Sentai as of late. Corse that doesn't always translate to big breasts in spandex as several of the girls are played... More

  • raijin commented on December 20, 2010 01:49

    Nao Nagasawa; same as #9... More

K-ON! Beach Bikini Action


The girls of K-ON! return in their probably unending series of bikini gravure images, this time frolicking on the beach under the onslaught of the sun, which obliging provides some spectacular lighting effects.

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  • silverfox commented on May 17, 2009 00:08

    ...why does mugi have such weird eyebrows ><... More

  • knee-san commented on May 15, 2009 13:37

    oh rly? giant emo robots where the hell did you get that..... More

Internet Advertising Brings Exposure


This unfortunate lady has granted Japanese ISP So-net the publicity it sought in a manner which was probably not intended…

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  • Anonymous commented on May 15, 2009 10:58

    X2... More

  • The Veil commented on May 15, 2009 09:07

    Boobies!... More

K-ON! Cosplay Chaos


The cast of K-ON! engage in some mismatched cosplay in this image, clearly aiming to cover as many demographics as possible with a showing incorporating every taste from maid to sukumizu and even ero-nurse

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  • Crage commented on July 30, 2009 01:15

    Tsumugi XD... More

  • MaidNiac commented on May 15, 2009 00:46

    Don't blame her. It's not her fault to be born with incredible moe values.... More

Hatsukoi Limited Oppai Unlimited



The fifth episode of former pantsu anime Hatsukoi Limited seems to have upped the ante in terms of oppai exposure, delighting fans in the process.

You can see the source of their delight readily enough in the images presented below:

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  • alextheone12 commented on July 25, 2009 06:26

    my type of anime... More

  • King of Hentai Gods commented on May 19, 2009 21:44

    Hentai Romantic Comedy DVD Photoshop :D... More

How to Make Breasts


Those wishing to obtain a pair of breasts of their very own could do worse than to watch this highly instructive video, which details the making of breasts, and yields some rather impressive results:

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  • Anonymous commented on April 21, 2011 15:30

    i wish all women and girls outside there rather not wearing any bra xD..... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 21, 2011 10:32

    2:37, there you hae it! cleavage LOL dang I gotta check twice now, I dont wanna end up with traps after parties o.O... More

Mio Akiyama Bikini Idol


K-ON! favourite Mio Akiyama features in this highly appealing piece of unofficial art, sporting a bikini perhaps more fetching than her official one. Even critics will find something to appreciate here…

Below you see the full version, without admirers:

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  • Robocop commented on May 30, 2009 20:34

    i believe he read "small popularity" as "mall popularity", but even then what he said still has no relevance...... More

  • Gantz_Playboy commented on May 3, 2009 16:56

    So Mugi-chan really uh....likes to 'Dig for Clams'....thought there might be something 'Fishy' about why she's sooo nice to all the girls when she doesn't have to be (given her money & refinement). Should've know... More

K-ON! Bikini Harem Nude Filter


After gaining so much popularity with their fashionable bikinis, some uncharitable soul has deprived the K-ON! girls of their swimsuits…

Declothed version below:

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  • MelonOtaku commented on May 6, 2010 17:20

    so are things with filters from the actual artist? if so.. damn thats bad ass!(with out)... More

  • MelonOtaku commented on May 6, 2010 17:19

    they are never japanese (duh)... More

K-ON! Bikini Harem


The cast of bashful Mio anime K-ON! gather in several bikini-centric images sure to set the hearts of fans a flutter. Just as in the anime, a wealth of oppai is on display, although most of it belongs to top-heavy Mio…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 12, 2009 05:14

    I can't decide which one I like best! I love them all!!... except Sawako, she's mad. :D... More

  • ManaYagami commented on May 3, 2009 21:13

    Who are the three choices for the second poll? I thought that this anime was only about Mio, Mio and Mio.... More

Sexy Nekomimi Bikini Cosplay Idol


Gravure idol Asami shows why she would make a great pet for cat-lovers.

More varied displays of nekomimi cosplay can be seen in the relevant galleries

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  • Anonymous commented on May 22, 2010 23:46

    How the hell is she fat? I've looked at the pictures a few times now, she's not even remotely near fat I'm sorry. In fact I'd say she's skinnier than average. Are we looking at... More

  • ajnac commented on June 26, 2009 22:13

    meow! I love her! :)... More

K-ON! Bikini Special Incites Fan Frenzy



As promised, the fourth episode of guitar marketing anime K-ON! is the mizugi beach frolicking episode, and so finally furnishes fans with the official choice of swimwear for the girls.

You can see the details below, along with the obligatory poll to select your favourite bathing costume:

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  • LOPETEGOZ commented on July 12, 2009 09:55


  • Lord Ryo commented on April 28, 2009 00:50

    MIO FTW!♥!♥!♥! It came as no surprise to see her topping the charts, Mio is everything a man can dream of!Although Tsumugi gave Mio a run for her money in best bikini, but black hair with... More

Bikini Bicycle Idol


This idol appears to be having some trouble with her saddle, and her skimpy bikini does not appear to be helping.

She is not the only one in difficulty by the looks of things…

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  • Anonymous commented on December 14, 2009 13:42

    Wait, I didn't see any bikes..... More

  • Robocop commented on May 30, 2009 21:08

    your right, they should just go topless and forget all dignity they have as women as men ignore them instead for their larger endowed counterparts...... More

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