Marisa Kirisame Kourindo Figure


Griffon Enterprises have created a highly witchy figure rendition of Marisa in her “Kourindo” version and will release it in May 2012.

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  • KingFisher commented on March 4, 2012 12:33

    I saw a Red Haired marisa for sale at an Oregon Convention last year. It pissed me off so much that I didn't have enough money for it.... More

  • Koyoto_Shadow commented on March 4, 2012 00:26

    GirlsWithBigHats.jpg... More

Hakurei Reimu & Kirisame Marisa Petanko Figures


The miko and witch join together again to appear as these excessively cute new figures as part of Penguin Parade’s “Petanko” line, patiently waiting their release in April 2012.

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  • Senjou commented on February 24, 2012 04:56

    I need a pacemaker....quick.....hnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!!!... More

  • Uncommon0takuka commented on February 24, 2012 04:12

    werry werry cute, indeed... More

Hanamura Misaki Sexy Marisa Ero-Cosplay


As Lenfried is to Reimu, so Misaki is to Marisa, showing off both more and less of her sexy Marisa cosplay, and displaying what looks to be a promising interest in mushrooms.

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  • Kinky Chen commented on October 10, 2012 06:38

    Obby yes.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 11, 2011 00:31

    I feel just like Father Blade from Needless: NAKED WITH SOOOOCKSSSS!!!!!... More

Hanamura Misaki Marisa Ero-Kawaii Cosplay


Sexy cosplayer Hanamura Misaki provides a cute yet sexy cosplay of Touhou‘s witch Kirisame Marisa for everyone to enjoy.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 5, 2011 05:51

    Wow, so arousing the pictures that it makes 1 inch dicks grow.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 4, 2011 20:09

    she steals lots of wins... More

Spunky Kirisame Marisa Figure


Touhou‘s fiery witch Kirisame Marisa is to receive a new figure by Kotobukiya, a welcome adaptation from a previously released garage kit.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 29, 2011 11:03

    This figure isn't new. I've had this one for years. It may be new as a PVC though. Mine's a garage kit.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 26, 2011 22:28

    That would be Reimu and Sanae's appeal.... More



K2isu’s artistic talents, though almost exclusively focused on the funny-hatted pantheon of Touhou and Marisa in particular, are quite something to behold.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 3, 2011 14:06

    That was sooo hot!!!... More

  • PrinceHeir commented on April 3, 2011 01:30

    love the smiles :) sooo yummy :P... More

Marisa Kirisame Figma


A Figma version of Touhou‘s famous witch Kirisame Marisa promises to allow Touhou fans the long awaited opportunity of privately posing the witch astride her broom (or almost – it seems this crucial pose has been omitted).

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  • man1 commented on February 13, 2010 16:00

    That [url=]mischievous grin[/url] of hers, you can almost hear her say, [i]"Wahahaha~! All your money are belong to me! First, Akihabara. Then, THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHA~~! *Sips Sakuya's tea...*"[/i] ...Not that anyone would oppose her scheme....... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 12, 2010 02:43

    I can see it now, Alice with a wall of Marisa figures from Nendos to homemade 1:1 scale... More

Reimu & Chibimari’s Desktop Dancing


A pint-sized Hakurei Reimu dances fantastically on an otaku destktop whilst chibi Marisa, or “Chibimari,” charmingly does a little ditty in these excellent MADs, made with MikuMiku Dance (a free tool for choreographing CG animated anime characters) and ARToolKit (a free tool for making Augmented Reality virtual figurines).

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  • Anonymous commented on February 11, 2010 02:53

    ARToolkit - Hakurei Reimu - Go My Way ARToolkit - Hatsune Miku & Co. - Go My Way ARToolkit - Hatsune Miku - Night of Fire ARToolkit - Hatsune Miku - Hare Hare Yukai More

  • Anonymous commented on February 5, 2010 21:27

    I knew I should have downloaded this one from Youtube before they removed it.... More

Kirisame Marisa Cosplay by Kipi


Touhou’s premier witch Marisa Kirisame is here portrayed by snaggle-toothed charmer Kipi, a legend amongst the gravure-type Japanese cosplayers who seem to enjoy so much popularity.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 3, 2009 02:33

    She's cosplaying an anime character, and is getting paid for it, so it's only fair to judge how accurate she got the character. It's not like she's OMG-SECRETLY-REALLY-HARUHI SUZUMIYA-AT DAY-AND KIRISAME-MARISA-AT NIGHT. As long as... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 15, 2009 10:25

    all that talk of beauty over a girl cosplaying...WTF!!!! if she is cute and pulls it off there is no need to go into superficial speeches about beauty.... More

Kirisame Marisa Cosplay by Ayaka


Danmaku sensation Touhou‘s premier witch Kirisame Marisa is cosplayed here by Ayaka. Sadly we are spared gratuitous bloomer shots, but in other resspects this rather lengthy series doe not disappoint.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2009 15:35

    Somebody stop her! She's getting away!... More

  • Chris commented on June 13, 2009 08:39

    I wonder if that's her real hair. Probably not.... More

Yukkuri Invasion Force Sighted


These photos, if genuine, point to the realisation of the Touhou Takeover foretold so long ago. Nowhere is safe if Touhou continues its exponential growth…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 2, 2011 12:07

    Saw a bit of Touhou merchandise at Animazement 2011. Not much, but certainly some.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 29, 2011 21:19

    I, For one, Welcome our new Yukkuri overlords.... More

Touhou Canned Tea Vending Machine


Combining some of the most tired Japan related memes available, “strange items sold from vending machines – only in Japan!” and “things which shouldn’t be canned but are anyway – crazy Japanese!”, along with moe marketing, this Touhou tea-in-a-can vending machine looks set to become a favourite for desperate Akiba news sites.

The vending machine is currently operational in central Akihabara near all the interesting PC parts shops (right by T-Zone it would appear), so some of you may wish to pay a visit, if only to gawp.

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  • Azure Xuchilbara commented on June 20, 2010 05:46

    I would love some Miko-armpit flavored tea... *looks hungrily at the Reimu can with a nosebleed*... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2010 16:41

    Not that this is unexpected, but isn't the china bashing uncalled for in this case? There's nothing wrong with Chinese tea, and China would give Japan its third nuking if they were to openly disparage... More

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