Chocola & Vanilla Cosplay Unbearably Sweet


The delectable Chocola and Vanilla of naughty nekomimi eroge Nekopara have starred in an equally mouth-watering cosplay, though some may find the cosplay’s lack of exposure to be a missed opportunity given the original material.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 17, 2016 21:48

    dem creepy pasta men... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 16, 2016 10:34

    Nekopara, best nekomimi 2016. :3... More


Sakura Kinomoto of Cardcaptor Sakura has taken a momentary break from all her card capturing to dress up in some charming maid attire, with the addition of some cute nekomimi likely securing the Nendoroid even more sales – the Good Smile Company figure will be available this November.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 13, 2016 11:45

    Only 1 thing to say.. HOOEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!... More

Re:Zero “Beyond Twisted!”




Re:Zero‘s ceaseless trauma has played a part in what may possibly be the show’s most disturbing episode, at last revealing a seemingly crucial villain and his rather over-the-top insanity that will no doubt have fans praying for Subaru’s success in saving everyone (yet again).

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  • Anonymous commented on August 9, 2016 01:40

    You are so cringeworthy with your empty buzzwords and hardcore contrarian attitude, it's almost comedically bad.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 9, 2016 01:37

    Holy shit you hardcore contrarians are cringeworthy as fuck!... More

Re:Zero A Never-Ending Cycle




The aftermath of Re:Zero‘s previous emotional outburst has brought about some more light-hearted scenes to relieve matters, unfortunately proving to be little good as the ill-fated Subaru happens upon yet more death.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 8, 2016 13:14

    It's understandable though. Dude has given up his life multiple times to help the others, but nobody is able to appreciate that. He then gets brushed aside by the person whom he wished to help... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 7, 2016 14:24

    it's so good... and then it's so depressing ~_~... More



Novectacle’s The House in Fata Morgana informs players of a haunting tale surrounding an ancient mansion and its centuries-long lineage, boasting a rather stylized art-style that many have found to be an effective compliment to the game’s unsettling story.

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  • Kohaku commented on July 3, 2016 20:42

    Just bought this last week, I'm not into many VNs but this one is pretty cool... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 3, 2016 07:44

    Dat art... don't like how the faces are stylized tho.... More

Rem & Ram Cosplay Ever Enchanting


The playful twin maids Rem and Ram of Re:Zero have obtained yet another stunning cosplay tribute, an event that will surely accrue the cosplayer a vast amount of notoriety due to the incomprehensible amount of attention the adorable maids have been acquiring lately.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 2, 2016 06:23

    Wunderschön! Since years I talk "lets have maid cafes in every city". Nobody understands me. How can we lead the EU if we cannot even be the leading maid cafe nation? This lack of vision... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 30, 2016 10:18

    Can I has?... More

Raunchy Ram Ero-Cosplay Maid to Serve


The adorable and highly popular maid twins of Re:Zero have generated a daring ero-cosplay, which unfortunately only features the pink-haired Ram as she unveils her naughtier side – while also likely causing onlookers to curse the presence of the infamous “non-BD quality glare”.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 11, 2016 13:03

    What's the point of posting ero pics when you're just gonna censor it? -__________-... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 24, 2016 23:36

    Did Ram just try out the Sexy Jutsu????... More

Re:Zero All Prim & Proper




The conclusion of Re:Zero‘s first highly eventful season has ended on a high note, introducing some sexy new characters (with one boasting a bit of a surprise) who will surely play an important role in the future before ending the episode on a bit of a cliffhanger.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 22, 2016 10:51

    There are a lot of shitty animes out there to call re:zero a waste of time, at least this is original and has good characters.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 22, 2016 10:48

    Well.. I didnt wanted to be hetero anyway... More

Netoge no Yome Wipes Completely




The hard-working MMORPG players of Netoge no Yome have followed through with their intentions from the previous episode, showcasing a rather exaggerated portrayal of MMORPG combat that some may find difficult to take seriously – the inclusion of lovely maids however may distract from this point.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 18, 2016 22:09

    Denko - stupid fucking hamster face... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 18, 2016 18:20

    This anime started out so well and it became a mess. sigh... More

Re:Zero Doubles Down On Moe




The tragic past of Re:Zero‘s titular twins has been revealed, divulging a melancholic tale featuring the beloved maids as their past younger selves while also providing them with some positive reassurance as the arc finally concludes.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 14, 2016 09:44

    It looked like it was the witch's cult that attacked the Demon village... More

  • Steven commented on June 14, 2016 07:57

    The adaptation is spot on, LN adaptations usually dont do good these days but Rezero nailed it... More

Sakuya Izayoi Anal Tail Ero-Cosplay


The beautiful and dangerous Sakuya Izayoi of bullet hell shooter Touhou has submit to some rather perverse commands in the form of this seductive ero-cosplay, with the delectable maid demonstrating a level of obedience that many amorous males would surely love taking advantage of.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 14, 2016 14:08

    If I can't see a single niple, it hardly can be called ero cosplay... More

  • FMPhoenixHawk commented on June 14, 2016 11:40

    Very nice, but please stop censoring the nice bits. Thanks. I approve!... More

Kuroneko Maid Cosplay Still Irresistible


Ore no Imouto’s nekomimi-wearing chuunibyou Kuroneko has still managed to maintain a high level of popularity, as yet another cosplay featuring her maid attire has surfaced that will no doubt still prove enthusing to those who still can’t get enough of her cuteness.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 9, 2016 11:43

    Now that's one dedicated cosplayer to go kill and skin a loli. Because that's a dead skin mask.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 9, 2016 10:22

    Of course it's still irresistible. It's best girl.... More

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