Nene Anegasaki Nendoroid Quite Lovely


After the previous realistic representation of Nene Anegasaki, a new rendition of her in chibi Nendoroid form has surfaced. Nene’s repertoire of coy looks appears set to capture the hearts of her fanbase…

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  • UncommonlyOtaku commented on December 25, 2010 03:17

    The only thing that I don't like about nendoroids is that they remind me so much about the many many MANY dumpy short fat chickkas that inhabit the real world that we live in -... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 2, 2010 17:16

    Nenendoroid is here! Gotta save up...... More

Stunning Nene Anegasaki Bikini Figure


Love Plus‘ busty love magnet Nene Anegasaki receives a stunning figure edition capturing her voluptuous bikini-clad form very nicely indeed, all thanks to Wave Corporation.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 30, 2010 02:45

    probably the same with a different head :D... More

  • Y10NRDY commented on June 30, 2010 02:06

    I saw this figure for the first time a few days ago. Very nice, although I'd really like to see a quality Nene in schoolgirl attire.... More

Love Plus+ Ultimate Anti-Piracy Measure: “You’re Dumped”


Virtual girlfriend par excellence Love Plus+ has been released, and pirates have been dismayed to find their virtual girlfriends dump them if they have the gall to pirate the game.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 16, 2011 02:08

    Agreed..... I wish that they would just STOP with this bullshit 'anti-piracy' stuff that only annoys the people who actually buy the thing in question legally in 99.99999999999899% of cases.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 27, 2011 21:50

    ITT: hopeless permavirgins... More

“Would You Dump Your Boyfriend If He Fell For Nene?”


A survey of Japanese women asking what they would do if a man they liked became engrossed in Love Plus gave surprisingly tolerant results – 72.6% would like them all the same, they say, whilst 27.4% would dislike losing out to an idealised virtual girlfriend.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 18, 2010 10:22

    “I’m playing it too so I don’t mind. Nene is my wife.” Hahahahaha good job girlfriend. That's the best statement ever. Hahahahahha!... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 18, 2010 10:20

    72% would be totally fine? WHAT? that's got to be total bullshit. They should be concerned. If they aren't then they probably really don't care about their boyfriend/husband at all.... More

Police Disperse Love Plus+ Otaku Rioters


Scarce stocks of the Love Plus+ Ita-DS iLL bundle have resulted in chaos at Akihabara, with police having to be called to disperse enraged otaku.

Online the situation is no better – instantly sold out stocks provoked further fury when it became apparent a large proportion of stocks had found their way into the hands of online auctioneers who proceeded to impose a markup of several hundred percent.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 26, 2010 02:02

    Wow that's some ri-AWWWWWWWWW KITTEN IN A BOX... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2010 17:41

    Just wait until the new the 3DS Love Plus 3D Bundle comes out XD... More

Second-Hand Nene: “I’m Getting Wet”


Nene’s maidenly credentials have all but been demolished by the official Love Plus manga, causing some of her many boyfriends to dismiss her as “just another second-hand bitch.”

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  • Anonymous commented on September 23, 2010 02:37

    hahaha it's so funny how easily people are trolled!... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2010 04:40

    the meaning of the picture is was she said "The real use for an umbrella…Let me tell you it." she referred it as a means to to block people from seeing them kiss and "Fufu,... More

Love Plus+ “Love Fitness” Promises to Get Otaku Ripped


Not content with mobilising otaku into a nationwide regional stimulus package, Konami is now revealing that it will turn them all into musclebound supermen by way of its “Love Fitness” functionality, included in Love Plus+.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 10, 2011 18:30

    Do want!!!... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 19, 2010 13:33

    No, it does not. Conspiracy theory bullshit. Not even funny.... More


For some Japanese women at least, not only is having a boyfriend fall for a 2D character considered cheating, it is regarded as being worse than having an affair with a real woman or going with a prostitute.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 9, 2014 14:40

    Pro tip, we all see your lame ass being towed by your over-inflated ego. You can't see the silly weaboo girl, yet you presume that she is worse than your 2D 'partner'. You're disrespecting others... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 9, 2014 14:28

    Quote"I just want a kind guy who's decent looking and loves me for me,..." This is the problem, the two are so very rarely found in the same package. So he has to be decent... More

Love Plus to Save Japan


Konami has unveiled its cunning plan to save the Japanese economy through Love Plus tourism, whilst simultaneously furthering its diabolical otaku enslavement program.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 29, 2010 10:54

    GENIUS!... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 1, 2010 16:01

    I wonder if Miyamoto has played this game yet, being in his console and all...... More

Nene’s Birthday Prompts Otaku Devotion


Virtual schoolgirl girlfriend par excellence Nene Anegasaki celebrated her birthday on the 20th, prompting large numbers of her devoted suitors to attempt to ply her with cake and even jewelery, as seen above – “Fufu – you understand me. Thanks.”

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  • Anonymous commented on October 29, 2011 18:39

    Just seeing the afford they put into it and recieve nothing back is really amazing.Being so devoted isn't a bad thing,so why criticise them? Everyone here who had a GF and dumped her is way worse... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 26, 2010 04:15

    The conclusions I can draw from this is that this so called "Nene" is a cheating girl. Acting as a girlfriend to this many men makes her one of the greatest sluts japan has ever... More

Nene Anegasaki Cosplay Better Than 2D?


Marriage breakingly popular Love Plus virtual wife Nene Anegasaki is here cosplayed perfectly (or minus her “creepy eyes” at any rate) by Shimizu Miki. Thus arises the question, which is better, 2D or 3D?

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  • Anonymous commented on October 18, 2011 06:02

    Fuck. How did I miss this? Do want.... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 25, 2011 08:06

    she is not!! she´s cute > O~ *>*) the others are a tsundere and a ane-san > P~... More

Love Plus+ Now an Eroge


Girlfriend replacement Love Plus+, now set for release in June, has begun to be revealed in more detail, and some of the steamy scenes are starting to attract the hungry attentions of fans for their sheer erotic potential.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 29, 2010 19:57

    Looks yummy... :3... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 18, 2010 14:44

    i predict that otakus will make sex dolls that the face will be the ds... More

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