Mother-Loli Nude Yuri Body Painting


A scene from Japanese TV which defies easy interpretation; it appears this lady is daubing her nude body with paint in order to make “art”, but why she is enthusiastically embracing the young girl is not clear. Healthy skinship?

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  • Anonymous commented on February 16, 2013 04:44

    if he had a throbbing erection it wouldn't... or would it?... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 16, 2011 13:35

    Amazing to me that such fuss over nudity, yet children can play video games with murder and mayhem and thats ok? Get a life!... More

9-Year-Old’s Abortion: Mother & Doctors Excommunicated


A nine-year-old girl who was impregnated by her stepfather and received an abortion has been at the centre of a storm of controversy in staunchly Catholic Brazil, as in response to the abortion a Catholic archbishop excommunicated the girl’s mother and the doctors who performed the procedure, saying abortion is worse than rape.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 14, 2013 06:59

    I already complained about the narrow-mindedness of the Catholic Church (and monotheist religions in general) but the last sentence made me want to kill myself. Where's my faith in humanity now? Perhaps in Malala Yousafzai…... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 26, 2012 22:54

    What would you expect from the Catholic Church, the biggest pedophile whorehouse in the world. Murderers are not excommunicated to Hell while rape victims are simply because they want to remove a parasite that was... More

Beako Complex


Beako, bane of lolicon and general anti-lolicon lolicon loli mascot, appears in this illustration together with the livery of a familiar site.

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  • KeybladeFox commented on November 16, 2010 07:43

    Uhh... Is this hypocritical, or ironic?... More

  • Azure Xuchilbara commented on June 15, 2010 11:47

    *eyes her delishush, exposed waki with a lecherous grin*... More

Koihime Musou Chouhi Oppai Exposure Mouse Pad


This charming display by Koihime Musou’s little oppai maniac Chouhi is to be an official mouse pad, distributed with the upcoming OVA, which, as you can see below, offers something of a departure from the usual setting, having as it does a distinct school theme.

The limited edition will carry the pad, so sales look set to be brisk, and it represents something of an upgrade to the previous pad

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  • akuma2002 commented on April 17, 2009 20:07

    Received the package today... Okay, Chouuhi is flat, but at least i expected some "bulges". It's just a plain mouse pad, kinda disappointing...... More

  • N.Hojin commented on March 18, 2009 14:27

    I still can't get over it; That they're from Romance of the Three Kingdoms... Noizi Itou's good. Too good.... More

UK Bans Loli: “All Children are Victims”


The UK’s decline under illiberal socialist governance continues with the news that the UK is set to ban all drawn imagery of an erotic nature where the “impression” is that a participant or onlooker is a child, or rather is “under 18”.

The ban officially brands such imagery “disgusting”.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2017 00:29

    I don't care for lolicon. I do, however, care for principles, esp. where freedom of expression is concerned, as well as matters where common sense in the law is clearly defied. Because it... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2017 00:26

    As if a 9-year-old's really "consenting" to marriage or sex. But whatever. Folks will defend anything in the name of "faith." Well, to be fair, folks do the same with "science," too.... More

Asu no Yoichi Loli Fellatio Anime



Asu no Yoichi has in its ninth episode earned some attention from fans for its painstaking inclusion of some decidedly suggestive licking action, along with some alluring nekomimi pantsu…

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  • clicker3000 commented on June 16, 2010 07:48

    that girl in the cat girl outfit looks like kan'u a little... More

  • LegionOfValsu commented on March 23, 2009 13:08

    This series is indeed relevant too my interests.... More

UNICEF’s Agnes Chan: Lolicon Otaku Must Reform


Agnes Chan, Chinese pop star and UNICEF Japan anti-free speech crusader, weighs in on the subject of disgusting lolicon otaku and why they should be stamped out with ever harsher laws:

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  • Anonymous commented on April 9, 2011 18:39


  • Anonymous commented on May 11, 2010 09:32

    I think someone needs to get laid... More

Loli Spanking Game KimoKawaE a Hit


Gamers looking for a spot of loli disciplining action are flocking to demon loli rearing game キモかわE! / KimoKawaE!, for the Nintendo DS; as we saw previously, the game centres around properly raising a variety of moe demonesses whose nature understandably leads them to mischief. Spanking, and more gentle treatment (involving rubbing), can curb their excesses. The vibrator touchpen is likely a useful playing aid…

You can see more of the game, and the illustrations accompanying it, below:

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  • Anonymous commented on October 5, 2010 12:32

    It's hot because it's different. Futas and traps, we've had it all, but bone-sucking? That's lovely.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 15, 2009 01:36

    hey anoyone have a download of this? cant find it on dsromnews pleeease... More

Lolicon Otaku Invasion Forces Fresh Precure Board to Close


Children’s mahou shoujo anime Precure, aimed at primary school girls aged 4-6, has recently had its latest incarnation in the form of Fresh Pretty Cure; oddly, in addition to the target demographic, the anime has picked up a notable following of adult otaku, who lately have attracted attention to themselves with interminable debates over doujinshi and other weighty matters, conducted on the official boards.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 25, 2017 05:19

    just make a subreddit for it lol like undertail... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 5, 2014 14:27

    @Artefact is amusing that you no longer post nothing you cave dueling fart boy... More

Francesca Lucchini Oshiri Healing


Italian Strike Witch and definite loli Francesca Lucchini looks to have had a run in with a tree, and is the worse for wear for it. Fortunately, Yoshika’s delicate hands and mysterious witchy healing powers intervene…

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  • UndyingObsession commented on March 5, 2009 02:59

    Hey Yoshika, it seems that i jacked off too hard. Would you mind healing me?... More

  • LoliHat commented on March 4, 2009 15:07

    I'll get the gooey medicine to rub on...... More

Loli Biological Weapons


This image presents a truly mortifying prospect – an unending cascade of sukumizu-clad maidens unleashed from the skies to rain death and destruction upon the poor residents of whatever place the terrible weapon’s creators have deemed deserving of loli induced annihilation.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2012 03:49

    Or maybe they are being selectively sucked upward to that loli pod. Wonder what the others are for.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 14, 2010 14:25

    dunno but i want one i alerady puttd the net in my backyard XD... More

Tomusooya: Master of Touhou Pantsu


Some truly lovely images of the vast Touhou Project cast of characters have been put up by one talented artist, とむそおや / Tomusooya, onto his site with regularity for some time now, some of which we have seen before.

Collected here is a small gallery of his artwork depicting many more of the Touhou bishoujo, as well as some of his art from other series such as Clannad:

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  • Bla7e commented on August 6, 2009 08:43

    Truth is it probably got cut off by another girlfriend or maybe he cut it with a chainsaw? xD... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 9, 2009 03:22

    wheee! kojikan! me likee... More

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