Evangelion Plug-suit Lingerie Frilly & Seductive


Evangelion‘s signature plug-suits have served as the “inspiration” for anime clothing company SuperGroupie’s latest sexy product, a set of skimpy lingerie based on each of the show’s main alluring females, though just in what way they are inspired by Asuka and company joins the usual questions of who the intended buyers are.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 27, 2015 04:26

    Why?! Evangelion is one of the most over-rated animes of all time. It's complete nonsense. Even the creator said all that supposedly deep imagery was picked simply because he thought it looked cool. (ie. no... More

  • Riiku commented on August 25, 2015 02:07

    Obviously it's lone fat greasy old men who would wear them while masturbating.... More

Goddess of Twitter Festive & Feisty


Bearing strong confidence in her beauty, a newly surfaced Twitter goddess has shown off an assortment of sultry lingerie as well as some festive yukata (along with her face) that will surely set onlookers ablaze – even more so as the lovely girl shamelessly exposes her lithe body in addition.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 26, 2015 12:55

    would marry... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 24, 2015 11:51

    true that unless if she's looking for work in the R18 industry... More


The sultry beauty laid bare by the descent of Twitter’s latest heavenly goddess has left lucky viewers dumbfounded, as the gracious woman provides an abundance of adventurous angles – with only her face escaping the lens.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 13, 2015 06:41

    This works for me!... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 12, 2015 22:14

    As a westerner, Japanese women have always been, to me, a fantasy dating possibility. Exotically beautiful and petite. With all the mystery of the Oriental culture. However, when I see girls... More

Revealing Houki Lingerie Figure


The oft neglected osananajimi Houki of mecha harem anime Infinite Stratos has taken desperate measures to ensure the attention of the oblivious Itsuka by way of Wave’s latest figure, which has the lovely girl posing in an alluring lingerie – Houki can get more intimate with buyers this January.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 10, 2015 19:06

    While both of them are smoking hot, Tohka has the issue of being about as bright as a stunted chipmunk. She needs help feeding herself. If things ever actually developed beyond harem anime, I could... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 9, 2015 21:44

    gotta agree, both of them suck. What the hell is so appealing about Tohka or Houki, two girls that catch their denseman in ecchi situation, try to kill their lover first then ask questions after... More

Goddess of 2ch: “Bigger is Better!”


A well-endowed woman of wonder has made her appearance on none other than 2ch, immediately garnering much attention for both her voluptuousness and penchant for sexy lingerie – and thanks to her willingness to expose herself, the enchanting girl may even possibly convert pettanko enthusiasts over to the dark side.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 9, 2015 02:42

    One large boob, one flat one? Whatever floats your boat man. ;)... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 8, 2015 18:37

    Can I have one of each?... More

Goddess of Twitter: LVL 21 OL Pechapai


Some highly praiseworthy fearlessness has been displayed by a supposed OL now turned goddess, who has quite nonchalantly revealed her presumably beautiful face to the world along with her definitely delectable body – and apparently having no qualms with her creepy admirers possibly ascertaining her identity.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 6, 2015 14:44


  • Anonymous commented on July 29, 2015 16:38

    All her torso shots are designed to make her stomach as flat as possible. In reality she might be just a little chubby. Please, don't hide it! I love a little extra...... More

Goddess of Twitter Anything But Bashful…


A sexy new goddess hailing from Twitter has yet again unveiled her bare body for all to appreciate, exhibiting most of the focus on her rather shapely bosom but still opting to hide her face – possibly for the best.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 28, 2015 01:16

    fuck you,are you a gay... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 19, 2015 05:55

    The fact she's hiding her face kinda supports your take on this and kinda invalidates OP's.... More

Young Yami Negligee Figure


To Love-Ru’s luscious Yami can be obtained in figure form thanks to the efforts of Wing, who have recreated the girl in her young form whilst donning a negligee – Yami can sleep grace buyer bedrooms come October.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 8, 2015 20:53

    because... it's ALIVE !!!... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 8, 2015 06:12

    Just take my money!!... More


Fans of huge boobs will doubtless appreciate 2ch’s latest crazed exhibitionist’s efforts as she Senran Kagura-esquely poses for all comers – despite her being the haggard age of 22.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 13, 2015 14:31

    cute girl i love u... More

  • FMPhoenixHawk commented on July 7, 2015 10:39

    22 is fine by me. I approve!... More

“S*x With Black C**ks” – Affirmative Action Indeed



Japan’s one and only foray into the realm of affirmative action
seems to have arrived in the form of “Way Too Huge! Way Too Amazing! Way Too Hard!“, an niche-themed (at least for Japanese tastes) AV that unsurprisingly features males of African descent having their way with Japanese women, with the reasons for the popularity of this sub-genre perhaps better left unspoken.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 19, 2015 16:37

    Haha you wish. And I've been fucking your women since 16, so sleep well with that ;)... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 19, 2015 11:38

    Some slanty eyes have been tryin to keep up on shit talking because all he got is mouth and girl friend that got fucked LOL... More

Goddess of Twitter: “Babyface!”


Twitter’s latest exhibitionist has arisen (or reclined, in this case), in the form of a baby-faced “izakaya employee” who seems likely to be major sales point for her establishment.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 17, 2015 12:22

    wtf is "airwolfing" anyways?... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 14, 2015 03:51

    anyone have the link to her twitter account?... More

Triage X Naughtier Than Ever




The misfortunate women of Triage X have been put through further humiliation by their perverse adversaries, as the anime’s devout crime-fighters attempt to snuff out their diabolic plans whilst offering a stellar combination of both eye-catching service and fast-paced action.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 6, 2015 17:11

    the princess leia dream was funny... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 6, 2015 01:36

    Felt so rushed... More

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