Black Bikini Tamaki Kousaka Ero-Figure


You may recall the popular figure rendition of the exceedingly busty Tamaki Kousaka of ToHeart2 Another Days, which enchanted many with the prospect of imminent bikini explosion; now that same figure gets a rather striking special edition, in which Tama-nee has donned a sexy black bikini…

Below we see it in more detail:

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  • Anonymous commented on May 10, 2011 06:24

    Fantastic figure 10/10 Tama-nee WIN... More

  • Delphi commented on May 9, 2011 12:09

    jejeje co,p sm,e interesasta estas muñecas tenwrlas... More


The full pair of Evangelion Maid figures from Kotobukiya has recently become available online for pre-orders, and as they combine both Rei and Asuka with most moesome maid apparel, many should be intrigued by these excellent photos of the two…

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  • Quen commented on February 26, 2009 19:45

    Trust me, I would have, if there were any images of them.... More

  • Artremis commented on February 20, 2009 12:24

    You forgot to disply Asuka's panchira.... More

Kaori Kanzaki Kotobukiya Figure


The third and latest figure from Kotobukiya based on A Certain Magical Index was released a few days ago, and quality review photos have since surfaced online, showing the shapely swordswoman Kaori Kanzaki in excellent detail.

This latest figure is the third out of four announced Index figures from Kotobukiya, coming nearly 4 months after the release of the previous defrockable Index moe figure.

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  • CC commented on February 10, 2009 22:22

    Love the expression in pic 06.... More

  • Azuri commented on February 10, 2009 17:15

    Heck YEAH!!!... More

Nekomimi Nagi Figure Released


The first entry in Kotobukiya’s trio of Kannagi figures, Nagi-sama in nekomimi cosplay, has just been released. As always, the main difference between the pre-release official photos and the review photos shown below is that the latter is much less shy in exploring the figure’s important bits.

See our earlier coverage on the Nagi-sama / Zange-chan figures here, or perhaps the oft ignored Tsugumi’s inumimi figure here

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  • Muzaffar commented on February 5, 2009 03:12

    Looks quite disappointing really, especially the hair. However Tsugumi's inumimi figure looks the best out of the 3 IMO. Too bad I can't get my hands on them. =(... More

  • Kip commented on February 5, 2009 01:18

    Oh! Why, I never noticed that Nagi had two sets of eyebrows before!... More

Inumimi Tsugumi Figure


Kannagi fans eager to complete the entire three-piece kemono mimi cosplay set from Kotobukiya need not wait much longer – the arrival of the last figure, Tsugumi donning inu mimi and an oversized collar, is imminent.

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  • Artefact commented on December 17, 2008 01:20

    So did I - she looks more puzzled than hugely embarrassed at being collared into a doggy outfit...... More

  • Quen commented on December 17, 2008 00:38

    I thought the same thing about the blush - her full face blush was her best feature in the original illustration, I think.... More

Tears to Tiara Figures: Riannon & Octavia

Tears to Tiara Figures: Octavia

Excellent PS3 eroge remake Tears to Tiara, which we saw in some detail previously, is fast shaping up to be mixed media franchise of some note, expecially with the upcoming anime. Naturally, this also means a profusion of figures, which utilise the gorgeous character designs of the game to create some (almost) equally gorgeous figures.

The two we see so far are Octavia and Riannon. Firstly Riannon:

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  • Tim commented on November 27, 2008 21:43

    this is kind of old news though...pre-orders and release was many many many months ago..... More

  • Tommy commented on November 24, 2008 14:57

    wow! the design and color are very nice. Maybe I'll get one myself.... More

Haruhi Ero-Bikini Strip Figure

Haruhi Ero-Bikini Strip Figure

This rather convincing portrayal of a tank top stripping and bikini exhibiting Haruhi Suzumiya looks set to join the seemingly unending multitudes of quality Haruhi figures we see from month to month. You can see it in more detail below:

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  • Anonymous125 commented on June 9, 2009 18:05

    I want this type of figure, Haruhi surely looks sexy here... More

  • HellsShadow commented on December 17, 2008 19:02

    Wow, this is very nicely detailed, the shirt especially. She even has the dimples on her back. Pretty resonable price too. Hopefully i can afford it with so many figures coming up.... More

Bikini Strain Tamaki Kousaka ToHeart Ero-Figure

Bikini Strain ToHeart Ero-Figure - 向坂環 / Tamaki Kousaka

The exceptional tension and palpable sense of volume visible in the figure are sure to ensure its appeal even to those unfamiliar with ToHeart. The busty maiden featuring is 向坂環 / Tamaki Kousaka, from eroge ToHeart 2 Another Days, whose substantial appeals have ensured several figure renditions thus far.

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  • kyon shimazaki commented on December 10, 2008 01:59

    i <3 this one, too bad i have to pay over a 100 euros for it here =\... More

  • Quen commented on November 19, 2008 11:48

    The source illustrations and various pictures floating around promoting this figure rendition are one of the images from the last year~ that most sticks out in my mind. I find it's incredibly erotic ^^;... More

Index Defrockable Moe Figure

Index Defrockable Moe Figure

This rather appealing figure version of Index, the heroine of A Certain Magical Index, is on the verge of release and looks to be the benchmark for future Index moe figures (at least until the inevitable cosplay variants), so a closer look is worthwhile.

It is also possible to strip off her clothes…

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  • Stiyl-Magnus19 commented on September 13, 2009 12:35

    I love you index!!!!... More

  • Quen commented on November 29, 2008 04:49

    I think I mentioned elsewhere that I had multiple pre-orders of this because I wanted to be sure I'd get it ASAP, but I was worried I might not cancel the extra orders once one... More

Nekomimi Nagi & Bunny Girl Zange-chan Figures – Kannagi

Kannagi fans may well rejoice upon seeing that both Nagi-sama and Zange-chan are receiving credible figure incarnations, with Nagi-sama doing a spot of nekomimi cosplay, and Zange-chan engaged in some come hither bunny girl gravure.

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  • Miroku74 commented on December 16, 2008 12:01

    My wallet's weeping as much as I am right now T_T. DO want! But yes... a bit too pricey with the subpar paintjob.... More

  • DemonLordShugo commented on November 8, 2008 10:24

    Nagi Nagi Nagi Nagi............ I LOVE NAGI (and Nagi Sanzen'in, Zange's a bi-yatch)... More

Chizuru Ero Figure

Chizuru Ero Figure

Shota raep anime Kanokon’s busty predator Chizuru has received this rather enticing figure incarnation, which, naturally enough, is capable of casting off much of her none too concealing outerwear, although strangely it seems to be one of the few times Chizuru refrains from gratuitously stripping off completely.

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  • Artefact commented on October 24, 2008 12:42

    Amusing the lengths poor Danny had to go to avoid showing this (he mentioned it of course)... What were they thinking?... More

  • ipood commented on October 24, 2008 05:07

    Yeah the shirt can cast off, but they were stupid enough not to include a pair of arms that don't have the shirt sleeves. What's the point then?... More

Horo’s Bloomers

Wolf & Spice kami Horo (or Holo) made into a fine figure by Kotobukiya. She sports a strictly canonical outfit, and the figurine is also able to cast off, which reveals a tasteful set of bloomers – charming. コトブキヤ「狼と香辛料 ホロ」キャストオフフィギュア

Wolf & Spice kami Horo (or Holo; see earlier gallery) appears to be in the early stages of what may turn out to be a very long and varied (not to mention lucrative) series of fine figures. In this case she sports a strictly canonical outfit, and the figurine is also able to cast off, which reveals an astonishingly tasteful set of bloomers – charming I’m sure you’ll agree. Goes on sale in July.

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  • Rinfinite commented on December 13, 2008 16:09

    I prefer the figure of Blanc Neige at the back. lol... More

  • haruthebum commented on October 16, 2008 20:54

    I admit the eyes and expression don't really seem to suit her, but that could be fixed with a quick custom job. would take less than an hour, all you'd need to do is strip... More

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