Haruhi DS Game

Haruhi DS Game, scans of Game Yorozu

A new Haruhi game is set for release on the Nintendo DS this Winter, set to follow the pattern of the Wii release in being an adventure game with extra gameplay elements suitable to the platform. The game will be published by Sega.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 27, 2009 13:03

    I guess there once was a time when no one commented on Sankaku's blog posts.... More

  • Supakitsune commented on April 28, 2009 08:17

    Want.... the sprites. They'd be perfect for an Ace Attorney fangame. <__>... More

Haruhi Beach Figures

Haruhi Beach Figures

It seems every conceivable setting and costume is being explored in the active Haruhi figure market. These latest efforts from the Tokyo Toy Show 2008 caught my eye.

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  • ayu commented on December 23, 2009 18:20

    damn there's too many haruhi figurines... if only I can buy just the nagato ones... More

  • kenjiharima commented on November 16, 2008 13:45

    I bought them all...XD... More

The Bust of Suzumiya Haruhi

Suzumiya Haruhi Figma Busts

The special edition articulate Haruhi to be exclusively released with the limited edition Haruhi Wii dance game (DX Pack) will be accompanied by the release of four different Haruhi busts, each compatible with interchangeable parts, with each bust being inconveniently bundled with a different magazine (The Sneaker, Comptiq, Shonen Ace & New Type). So fans wanting ponytail Haruhi will need the December edition of Comptiq, etc. (details above).

This strikes me as an elegant piece of marketing, not that they need it considering the hype. Tip off via Moon Phase.

  • Artefact commented on June 20, 2008 07:22

    I finally got round to revising it... Thank you correctors - evidently I needed a break.... More

  • green commented on June 20, 2008 07:01

    Wow, I can almost feel the tension between Revoltech and Max Factory. This is colossal head to head competition. I always thought Figma did it better, now not so sure...no...Figma ftw!... More

3D Custom Girl Data: Haruhi, Touhou, To Love-Ru, etc.

Haruhi-dan rendered with 3Dカスタム少女 / 3D Custom Girl

It seems that the rendition of Hatsune Miku I touched upon previously was only the tip of the iceberg; 3Dカスタム少女 / 3D Custom Girl threatens to unleash a torrent of creativity with its custom character design features, and the first sign of this is this enormous compendium of anime and game characters who have been (in some cases extremely well) created in the game and now offer all manner of erotic potential in actual play.

I have reproduced a sample below, but even more are available at the site in question, and you can of course download them for your own use, should you have the game.

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  • sdsf commented on October 19, 2013 06:56

    Thak... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 14, 2009 04:55

    any of u tell me where i can get this game :S . . have been looking for it for 5 days now :S cant find it... More

Haruhi-dan Performs Lucky Star Opening

Haruhi-dan Perform Lucky Star Opening

Some genius has created this 3D CG rendition of the Lucky Star OP performed by Haruhi and the crew; a most impressive achievement – see below, original OP included for reference. Original is at Nico.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 25, 2013 21:50

    Registration, just say NO. www.youtube.com/watch?v=v62UIbj1t6M... More

  • Harry commented on May 26, 2009 16:12

    YouTube sucks, choose to view it on Nico.... More

Puchi Haruhi CG Dance

Puchi Haruhi CG Dance

Some ingenious soul has made a 3D CG puchi/chibi/nendoroid rendition of the Haruhi and her crew’s OP dancing – see below for the video, which originates from NicoNico. Puchi/nendoroid Hatsune Miku videos included for good measure.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 2, 2009 08:00

    The dance is from the Popotan game intro.... More

  • Anon commented on January 15, 2009 19:23

    I'm pretty sure the chibi Haruhi vid is following the same 3D animation style as Little Big Planet. I recognize the jerky handmovements and minimal animations.... More

Haruhi Second Season Details Emerge, New Look for Haruhi

Haruhi Second Season Details Emerge, New Look for Haruhi

New Type brings exclusive new details on the new Haruhi season, with the most notable development probably a new look Haruhi. The long haired Haruhi is the “vanished Haruhi”. See below for the first look at an early copy of New Type (not out yet). Read the rest of this entry »

  • Alessa commented on August 19, 2009 15:22

    A thread for an old blogpost is only created when someone posts a new comment but the thread it creates contains only the new comments. All of the other comments for the blogpost don't... More

  • Gantz_Playboy commented on August 19, 2009 15:06

    Dude....this stuff's a year old. Why do your forums say you posted this only 39 minutes ago? Is this some migration 'glitch'. Not blaming you just pointing out how confused I am by... More

Haruhi Wii Dance Game Release Date

Haruhi Dance Team

The release date of the recently announced and much anticpated Haruhi Wii dance game (in fact, the title is 涼宮ハルヒの激動, Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou – “The Excitement of Suzumiya Haruhi”) has been announced as the 27th of November, according to Famitsu. Some new screens are also visible in the scan below.

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  • Kman commented on October 18, 2008 23:54

    Homebrew channel?... More

  • Kyuu commented on September 3, 2008 22:47

    You don't even need a freeloader, just get the Homebrew Channel. <3... More

Kemono Mimi Gallery

Kemono Mimi Gallery / 獣耳少女ギャラリー - Haruhi, Nagato & the SOS-Dan, ハルヒ、長門、みくる、SOS-団

This was originally going to be a pure kemono/neko mimi (animal/cat ears) girl gallery, but as I gathered too many images I have had to split it into a Horo gallery and a kimono kemono mimi gallery, as well as a petanko/hinnyuu kemono mimi gallery; these come afterwards. This is the normal kemono mimi gallery. Surely the highlight is this high resolution image of the SOS-dan in beast attire.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 29, 2011 04:50

    They are all my wives even the last one... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 3, 2010 03:57

    I love the last one. x'D... More

More Haruhi Wii Dance Game Details

More Haruhi Wii Dance Game Details

Famitsu has published plenty of screens for the upcoming Haruhi Wii dance game, but the article is almost completely devoid of new information regarding the game, save a few details on how the dance system works (it’s a standard timing based system); the screens basically give all the information you need, however. It does now seem certain that only Haruhi, Nagato and Mikuru will feature in any prominence.

  • Anonymous commented on January 8, 2010 13:29

    LOL first... More

Tsukasa Paradise (Animator Comparison)

Lucky Star's Tsukasa, animators compared in great detail, also Haruhi & Nagato

Some diligent soul has put together a most comprehensive comparison of the differences between Lucky Star’s Tsukasa, as drawn by each animator of the series, as well as Haruhi’s characters.

Since anime is generally produced in parallel by multiple teams of animators, there are generally slight differences between each team’s output, which may be very noticeable if supervision is lax or the animation is rubbish – I am not afraid to admit that I cannot tell them apart at all; their animation supervision seems top notch, or perhaps I am not looking hard enough.

However, a look at the Haruhi animator comparison on the same site does reveal some differences, however minor.

As a tribute to this dedication, I reproduce the images below, should you wish to try to spot the differences. You may also simply want to gawk at Tsukasa and Nagato. This coming from 2ch, by way of Syu’s Quiz Blog.

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  • Tex_Arcana commented on October 11, 2009 11:42

    35 Nagatos as an image. My cup runneth over.... More

  • Iluna commented on May 15, 2009 20:05

    Of course the difference has to be little to none to create a consistency for ta TV series, especially for multiple episode TV series. This is exactly they are called animators.... More

NiseMIDIDoroNoKai / Ishikei

Dojinshi by 石恵 / Ishikei, or 偽MIDI泥の会 / NiseMIDIDoronoKai, are often masterpieces

Here is a superior artist producing colour dojinshi of an amazing quality. It is none other than 石恵 / Ishikei, who may also be familiar to you as 偽MIDI泥の会 / NiseMIDIDoroNoKai. Not only does he produce colour CG work of rather shockingly good quality, he also tends to work with the most popular titles, such as Lucky Star, Haruhi, etc. If you have not already had the pleasure of viewing his work, then you may wish to rectify matters promptly, easily accomplished by reading on.

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  • Greg Boscole commented on July 13, 2012 09:34

    Is a very good site, believe me. Well, at this time i think you know that.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 14, 2011 00:04

    He/she needs to make more futa :/... More

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