The upcoming Street Fighter vs Tekken crossover Street Fighter x Tekken: 4 Fighters is being acclaimed as perhaps the sexiest addition to either franchise yet (although this might be something of an understatement in the case of Street Fighter and an exaggeration in the case of Tekken).

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  • Anonymous commented on August 8, 2011 10:11

    No cock, no sale.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2011 12:10

    cum, join the dark side...... More


Nintendo has cancelled the Scandinavian release of Dead or Alive over concerns that it may fall foul of Sweden’s absurd child pornography laws.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 23, 2014 17:50

    Honestly..who gives a shit about ''dead or alive'' anymore. their franchise features girls who never change, never get more beautiful, never age at ALL, and for the life of anyone with intelligence... look to be... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 2, 2012 08:03

    "features three sexy female characters under the age of 18" Wait if they are children then HOW CAN THEY BE SEXY?! PEDOPHILE!! (sarcasm)... More

Shin Koihime Musou Arcade Edition Loli Battle Action



Top yuri anime and eroge franchise Koihime Musou is to receive a beat-em-up adaptation, replete with copious amounts of both pantsu and loli…

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  • Anonymous commented on February 17, 2011 04:17

    I see the pantsu but no lolis. Those girls are old.... More

  • PrinceHeir commented on February 15, 2011 14:48

    please localize this :D if Arcana Heart 3 made it, why not this game also?... More

Dizzy Figure Dizzyingly Sexy


One of Guilty Gear‘s most popular girls, sexy fighter Dizzy has been made into a new figure by Alter, displaying exceptional detail and a very nice pair (of wings).

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  • Seil commented on December 21, 2010 08:44

    a MUST have!... More

  • ChaosAngelZero commented on December 20, 2010 05:37

    Man, why is it that retards keep coming up with these retarded competitions over "what's best" when each thing has its strong and weak points? Also, Makoto Nanaya (bitch!, lol).... More


A discussion amongst female Japanese gamers sees them united in loathing breast jiggle in games, denouncing it as “unrealistic,” “gross” and “like aliens.”

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  • Anonymous commented on May 12, 2012 07:58

    Will we be seeing bouncing penises on male characters?... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 3, 2012 04:48

    If large breasts DIDN'T jiggle I'd think something was wrong. Bras were made to stop that from happening, so if you aren't wearing one... The larger ones really do seem like bags of water or pudding... More

Aki Toyosaki (Yui): “I Love Grand Theft Auto!”


Aki Toyosaki, the seiyuu best known for portraying Yui Hirasawa in top moe anime K-ON!, has revealed she is an ardent fan of the Grand Theft Auto series.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 11, 2012 22:34

    They probably translated it wrong, genius.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 18, 2012 03:10

    GTA is a piece of SHIT! Worst game ever!... More

PlayStation Move “The Fight” Guro Bugs


Some grotesque bugs have been detected in the PlayStation Move debut title “The Fight”…

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  • PrinceHeir commented on September 24, 2010 13:41

    hmm lol XD though i just need No More Heroes Paradise 2(with 1.5 movie) for the PS3. that will guarantee i'll buy a Move just for that :D... More

  • HKE commented on September 23, 2010 10:00

    Lt me tell you something im not going to deny the i do fap to girls raped/killed/gutted/whatever but i know something that is the differnce between 2d and 3d , 2d girls are pretty lovely... More


The developers of “Fighters Uncaged,” a motion controlled fighting game for the Xbox 360′s Kinect, says that a two player mode had to be taken out as it is just “too dangerous.”

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  • Anonymous commented on May 4, 2012 02:50

    Have you ever been outside your gated community? Yea people get jumped, but a lot of thugs try to coax you into one on one brawls to assert their dominance. Street brawling like this happens... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 1, 2012 21:10

    realistically i doubt you'll ever see more from a motion controlled fighter. ultimately they have to make the game playable by the largest possible group, which isn't going to be trained martial artists. and i'm not saying... More


Hollywood’s franchise raping antics continue with the revelation that even the producer of Tekken is willing to publicly trounce the recent $35 million Tekken movie, calling it “terrible” and entreating Tekken fans “don’t even ask me about that!”

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  • Anonymous commented on September 18, 2010 17:56

    I've seen the really is bad.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 17, 2010 05:36

    Jin... and woman!?!?!?!?!!? WTH!?!?!!!!?... More



Capcom and Namco have unveiled Street Fighter x Tekken, including spectacular gameplay scenes visible below, and have also announced Tekken x Street Fighter.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 13, 2010 21:49

    Best thing of this was the Mega Man vs Pacman showdown at the end.... More

  • Garrax commented on August 13, 2010 12:01

    BTW, you may never have heard of it but Street Fighter EX series was in 3D.... More

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift DLC Hell


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, the just released sequel to top 2D panchira brawler Blazblue, has recently attracted no small opprobrium for announcing almost $60 worth of DLC at release…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 6, 2010 17:12

    What? Is that the best underboob they can do?? Tira from SC3 laughs. She's still hot though, but this only makes me want them to do a Guilty Gear like this even more... it was... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 4, 2010 02:23


Marvel vs Capcom 3 Screenshots Most Impressive




Capcom has released some rather impressive looking screenshots of crossover fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 3, the first new title in the series for 10 years:

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  • NightFoxXIII commented on June 22, 2010 05:53

    Can I interest you to Blazblue possibly? I know old comment is old... but just a suggestion if you do get this... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 1, 2010 11:57

    I really hate the coment of '' it looks better than the comics'' Theres always have to be some kind of comment against non japanese comics... but you are not going to say something like ''it... More

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