Schoolmate 2 – State of the Art Sexiness



Much persecuted 3D eroge developer Illusion is shortly to release Schoolmate 2, and the game looks set to offer state of the art sexiness, such as it is.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 2, 2010 17:44

    Maybe someday you'll bring a woman to orgasm, and learn to appreciate their sounds.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 20, 2010 07:23


Flyable Heart Inaba Yui Figure Quite Moe


Inaba Yui from UnisonShift’s eroge Flyable Heart, whose artist is the famed Noizi Ito, gets a rather moe figure edition set to be released for September 2010.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 8, 2010 09:32

    everyone named yui should be moe... More

  • GHS commented on June 8, 2010 08:15

    I was wondering when they were going to make a figure of her in that pose...... More

The Best Patch Ever?



An eroge publisher is distributing a patch for its latest release which removes the skirts of all female characters.

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  • KingFisher commented on January 9, 2011 04:25

    Nice patch. Though I would prefer a nude patch.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 3, 2010 16:14

    ^ omgwtfbbq... More

Ore no Yome: “An Eroge for the Xbox 360”



The raunchiness of Japanese Xbox 360 continues to progress, with the latest title to come to the attention of erogamers, “Ore no Yome – Anata-dake no Hanayome,” featuring nude bathing scenes and Rie Kugimiya.

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  • kenshinflyer commented on September 28, 2011 18:56

    Look at the bright side--KugiRie is brave enough to use her real name in an eroge, an area where only a rare few seiiyu would use their real names. Unless she also hides her name in... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 3, 2010 10:05

    Lupine...hey isn't it the company that made Osouji Sentai Clean Keeper? Now if they offer upskirt shots like what they did with Clean Keeper Hyper I will be happy. Also, Banana eating while a bath... More

Free Eroge se.kirara Desimmonsed & Available Once More


Se.kirara, the free-to-download eroge recently released and then pulled after a minor scandal erupted when it transpired the artists had been freely tracing copyrighted images easily found via Google, has been re-released with the offending scenes entirely re-done.

The changes are collated in the below image, with the originals on top and the desimmonsed version underneath:

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  • Chen-04 commented on May 28, 2010 03:05

    No, but google revealed yes. Only that I think TTGL is boring. It was fun till Kamiya died. Then I cried and watched a few more episodes, but still cried and soon I gave up... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 23, 2010 12:47

    Do you know Simon the Digger?... More


Unusually, eroge illustrator Ayane Nanami has appeared in an eroge rag, and eroge fans have wasted no time in pointing out that she in fact appears to be highly attractive.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 29, 2016 22:07

    I know this probably doesn't mean anything here, but I actually kind of like her work. Sure, it is not the best, but it also is better than anything that I could actually do.... More

  • Siveria commented on June 26, 2015 02:12

    Kodomo no jikan, one of the famous lolicon manga's was actually written and drawn by a woman. Dispite all the fan service it has, there is actually a pretty good story behind it all, Rin... More



Teatime’s new eroge title “Mousousei Kasou Jinkaku Shougai” includes hand tracking technology to allow players to virtually cop a feel or strip a girl of her clothing. Gameplay videos can be scrutinised below.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 11, 2013 01:33

    Nothing wrong with perverted titles. I'm all for it. Try GalGun (a visual novel/shooter game where you get to see schoolgirls' panties) or Touch Shiyo. Both are very good titles with truckloads of DLC for... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 21, 2011 07:02

    I don't know why but, your comment made me laugh so hard I cried. lol... More

“Otaku Creators Can’t Possibly Write Romances”


A writer who opines that otaku cannot write romances as they are sad and lonely creatures with no experience of such has predictably stirred up a storm of controversy amongst sad and lonely otaku.

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  • Barbarian of Gor commented on March 2, 2012 02:22

    It's been long "Western Wisdom" that: 1. Virgins write the best "Sex Scenes". 2. Soldiers write terrible (and I mean unsellable) war stories.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 22, 2011 03:21

    Obvious troll exploited a moot point.... More

“75% of Ero-Gamers are Pirates”


Three quarters of eroge users are pirates, with otaku as dishonest and opportunistic as normal people, says a source privy to industry insiders.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 19, 2016 08:05

    Very true. Most people who make claims about piracy don't actually look into the situations, and thus have a tendency to reverse cause and effect; unfortunately, this faulty logic is then applied as a... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 26, 2014 12:31

    this is mostly due to not many u.s. releases of these games. I mean the only store that even sells anime or cosplay in my towns is 20 miles away and they DONT sell More


The upcoming PS3 release of “White Album” has introduced a rare innovation to the visual novel genre in the form of the game’s “motion portrait” system, which can be seen in action below.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 2, 2010 16:27

    they should fix that in IRL... More

  • cats2 commented on June 22, 2010 14:55

    There's been VN's with animated characters.. Just that they mainly just move their face/eyes while their hair and facail features repeat a loop. In fact there's been more then a few with animated "avatars" for... More

Eroge Maker Plays Hardball with Pirates


Adult game maker Windmill was so infuriated by an early leak of its latest nondescript eroge that it has asked that Japan’s national high tech crime taskforce investigate, which could see the first ever prosecutions over eroge piracy.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 17, 2010 07:38

    I bet all of the homos on 2ch blamed 'foreigners' for the leak.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 30, 2010 02:51

    You forgot import excess illegal Mexican immigrants from the US to work in nursing homes and factories. Heck the US government actually would pay for their plane tickets to Japan. They're hard workers and all the only... More


In an update to its standard “foreigners go home” unwelcome page for non-Yamato barbarians, eroge publisher Minori has updated with a lengthy screed essentially telling fans to come to Japan if they want to play their games, and to get lost otherwise.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 20, 2012 11:04

    Yeah, they'll be waiting to call the cops on the suspicious foreigner, who soon will be deported & barred from reentry for 10 years.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 16, 2011 00:06

    Also, >Erogames >culture... More

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