“Ore no Yome” Sultry Sukumizu Cosplayers


Xbox 360 demi-eroge “Ore no Yome” has already attracted much attention for its boob jiggling content, and now the game has been attracting even more attention through its decision to employ sukumizu-clad models in saucy poses as part of an Akihabara release event:

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  • Anonymous commented on August 16, 2010 03:59

    Probably when Japan sinks to the bottom of the ocean and their entire population have no choice but to settle here in America.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 15, 2010 16:57

    no ty, not over fat, those r seriously fat ugly thighs... More

Yuri Game Legends




Steamy yuri scenes from mainstream games of all kinds have been compiled into the video below for the edification of viewers, demonstrating that scenes of hot lesbian love are not merely the preserve of 18+ eroge:

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  • Anonymous commented on August 28, 2010 14:08

    web gi kinh vay?... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 12, 2010 05:31

    Hell yeah, I LOVE GARO!!!... More

Agarest Senki 2 Boob Jiggling Dancing




Upcoming ero-RPG Agarest Senki 2 brings with it just the kind of saucy dancing, oppai physics and brief glimpses of pantsu sure to delight fans of the series. The game even caters to fans of both sizes (and not just in terms of height).

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  • Anonymous commented on August 11, 2010 13:11

    I wish that the game actually interactive cel-shaded like the trailer and not visual novel cg-esque cutscenes.... More

  • Elle Lowel commented on August 10, 2010 20:40

    Forgiven. And I do agree with you that the laws are as effed as these people. And going back to the video.. the choreographer for the dancing needs a couple of lumps on his head for... More

Eroge Failure Legends


Despite their $80 price tags it seems eroge are not always immune from the kind of dismal art and non-existent quality control which plague so much anime and manga, resulting in some particularly grotesque scenes of sexual chaos.

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  • Lawence Codye commented on November 14, 2010 10:35

    The 1 where the girl has 6 fingers is hilarious...epic fail...... More

  • Arc commented on August 29, 2010 01:25

    Dear sir or madam, that is simply untrue! I care.... More

Paizuri Plagiarism



Eroge “Paizuri Cheerleader vs Milking Cheerleader Club” has been attracting attention not for its intriguing title but for suspicions that the game has flagrantly Simmonsed at least one image (below) from a popular eroge (above).

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  • Anonymous commented on December 4, 2015 08:47

    >with only so many sexual positions in the world... its only a matter of time before one overlaps or copies another. Many sexual poses in this world, yes. 5 characters all having the same sexual... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 24, 2010 06:29

    You must know some srsmilfs, please introduce them to us.... More

Overflow At It Again – School Days HQ Delayed


Quality eroge maker Overflow is set to release an upgraded version of its classic bugfest School Days, “School Days HQ,” a high definition remaster of sorts. However, it has already announced the first delay in release…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 23, 2010 15:24

    School Days... *shiver* A show that took everything to an extreme. Even its ending was disturbing. However, it's perfect for Singles Awareness Day.... More

  • Schrobby commented on July 22, 2010 20:32

    Higher resolution is no extra work at all for the artist. The original pics are drawn at a much higher resolution and get downscaled for use.... More

53% of Women: “No Way Can I Win Against a 2D Girl!”


53% of Japanese women surveyed reveal once again they have no confidence that they could win their boyfriend back from the non-existent clutches of a 2D girl.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 20, 2011 14:39

    I still preffer 2D girls, and if you say "You can't have sex with them" I say "That's what prostitutes are for, not girlfriends" (everybody knows girlfriends will try to chain you down into marriage... More

  • gianeka commented on June 20, 2011 10:09

    darn...who knows this guy talking to who? are you talking to yourself? Mr Anon... More

Dream C Club Coming to PSP


Compensated friendship and drunk groping simulator Dream C Club has been confirmed as soon be available on the PSP, enabling the brigade of sexy hostesses to be at the side of their ronery suitors at all times.

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  • Chin Shim commented on July 17, 2010 08:39

    Woot! Good news for me! Just bought a PSP to play Project Diva and now this!! <3 <3... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 16, 2010 15:05

    Hearing this only gives me even more reason to want to buy a PSP.... More


Two top visual novel publishers have threatened anyone who posts gameplay videos of their games with legal action, claiming it is copyright infringement and akin to piracy.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 6, 2010 05:29

    They just need to realize those who arn't going to buy the game arn't going to buy the game.... More

  • alidan commented on July 5, 2010 05:37

    with a vn bugs are rare, but they mostly exist in flag, where you wont get credit for what you do. its not uncommon, especially when you talk of lesser companies. a game breaking bug... More

The Evolution of the Ahegao


The ahegao, the exaggerated depiction of tongue lolling female orgasmic ecstasy which has in the the last 10 years become a staple of certain genres of extreme ero-manga, eroge and ero-anime, has its evolution charted in the below diagram:

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  • Anonymous commented on May 31, 2015 12:00

    http://gifeye.com/50120 here's some real ahegao. :D... More

  • phan commented on April 23, 2015 09:36

    uhm can anyone tell is the source of this image ://img3.sankakucomplex.com/wp-content/gallery/cache/71409__468x_ahegao-riding.jpg i would like to know whose artist drew it :v... More

White Album Then vs Now


From its 1998 debut to its just released 2010 remake, some quite impressive evolution is evident in White Album – 2ch provides the usual scrupulous comparison above.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 17, 2010 23:27

    Just wanted to say WHITE ALBUM Ps3 IS ONE OF THE BEST REMAKE EVER MADE. They re-did the sex scenes into "sex scenes"....... More

  • Somewhatabasher00 commented on June 22, 2010 04:33

    i don't really care about my english. english sucks. I'd rather talk japanese than english.... More

Agarest Senki 2 Looking Even Sexier


Noted ero-RPG series Agarest Senki is to receive a sequel in the form of Agarest Senki 2, and the game is shaping up to be even sexier than the original…

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  • Anonymous commented on December 13, 2010 23:50

    i asked mom ... : mom mom mom buy me this buy me this ................. okay son.... how much ....... ok son ......then on to the game price .... my mom said no :| clearly... More

  • NightFoxXIII commented on June 22, 2010 04:08

    There's always the option of buying used games, you'll never know what you'll find. I found MGS4 limited edition for 30 bucks and it was like brand new. (Even the container was in really good... More

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