Queen’s Blade Rebellion Onanism Torture Anime


Poor little Mirim‘s Queen’s Blade Rebellion episode sees her subjected to all manner of humiliating if highly pleasurable domination…

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  • Light Yagami commented on April 30, 2012 23:25

    Believe me: They don't say anything that will teach you life lessons. You won't lose anything important. These series are aimed just for the Serial Fappers...... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 27, 2012 11:02

    Because, sometimes, less is better.... More

To Love-Ru Darkness Gets Full TV Anime & OAD


The ecstasy of To Love-Ru fans upon hearing that the long awaited anime adaptation of To Love-Ru Darkness is to be a full TV anime is so palpable the unwary might be in danger of slipping – and as if that were not enough, the series also gets one of its notoriously raunchy OADs.

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  • Phantasm commented on August 21, 2012 05:36

    Character development = larger boobies???... More

  • EROYURI commented on June 28, 2012 21:06

    NICE!I like it!... More

Queen’s Blade Rebellion Tentacle Assault


Queen’s Blade Rebellion’s 2nd episode has been delving into the classic ero-anime staple of girls being molested by tentacles, whilst the lucky octopuses have been doing some delving of their own…

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  • Anonymous commented on February 8, 2015 13:55

    . u... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 29, 2012 04:16

    It's a trap!... More

Queen’s Blade Rebellion “Nothing But Boobs!”




Queen’s Blade fans are applauding the advent of Queen’s Blade Rebellion, which delivers all the topless battles and perverted lesbian antics the series is renowned (or notorious) for – all sans censorship thanks to the marvellous business model of paying top dollar for an anime-only premium cable channel devoid of both freeloaders and kiddies.

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  • Nandeitemei commented on May 2, 2012 06:30

    its not turned on yet? O_o its not erect.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 8, 2012 18:21

    Queens Blade rebellion nothing but boobs? Why thank you captain obvious, I never would've guessed. Seriously, I watched two or three episode of the first series and I already knew tha this show would be nothing... More

Late Night Anime “Inexcusable Even Late At Night”


Anime fans have leapt to the defence of late night anime after Japan’s top TV watchdog published yet another complaint about the fact stations are allowed to broadcast such depraved shows, even in the middle of the night.

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  • david commented on July 2, 2012 07:42

    Something is srsly wrong with you.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 27, 2012 16:23

    When was the last time you didn't judge someone else's life?... More

Highschool DxD Total Ero-Anime




Sadly, even Highschool DxD‘s entire erotic arsenal seems unable to compare to a certain other anime’s infamous scenes of incestuous oral hygiene, not that anyone seems likely to complain too much about this very promising form of competition.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 18, 2015 08:33

    I am 12 years old I love porn... More

  • namejame commented on February 12, 2014 00:16

    watch for the plot,... More

Nisemonogatari Oral Insertion Anime




Nisemonogatari’s reputation as being a “pornomonogatari” has hardened considerably – the 8th episode centres on one of the girls mouthing a hard tool, with further sensuous attention lavished on her various fleshy body parts…

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  • Anonymous commented on January 22, 2013 14:34

    No, we're just showing off the fact that we can cum using our minds. Mind you no actual liquid is expensed.... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 21, 2013 20:21

    I enjoy, result in I discovered exactly what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye... More

Highschool DxD Clothes Dissolving Slime Anime




Highschool DxD has got onto that great classic of anime, clothes dissolving slime, along with a side-order of sports service.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 4, 2013 14:11

    lolll... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 26, 2012 10:37

    He said PLOT, not plot.... More

Highschool DxD Doesn’t Need No Blu-Ray


P***s anime Highschool DxD is so uncensored (on AT-X, at any rate) that fans are having trouble imagining just what it is they will put in the inevitable BD quality extras…

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  • Anonymous commented on March 13, 2012 07:22

    otaku love you kiss hug lick... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 21, 2012 06:30

    I own a 50 mW bluray laser pointer....does that count?... More

Queen’s Blade Rebellion Sacred Ero-OVA


The release of the Queen’s Blade Rebellion premium visual book has given a foretaste of what to expect from the next series of the anime, in the form of a sexy OVA – as if anyone didn’t know what to expect…

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  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2012 21:09

    This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "where the sun doesnt shine" =D... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2012 05:28

    So much fail here.... More

Nisemonogatari = “Pornomonogatari”





So erotic is Nisemonogatari that viewers have actually coined a new name for it (in fact they have several:”Eromonogatari,” “Pornomonogatari,” etc.) – although strangely nobody is complaining.

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  • tyciol commented on May 23, 2012 23:22

    Imposter is only one possible translation. Plenty of others work too.... More

  • tyciol commented on May 23, 2012 23:21

    The term is portmanteau, actually, since the 'mono' character is shared. Check out http://bakemonogatari.wikia.com/Nisemono for various translations. The generallly accepted translation for the first is 'Ghost' since it makes 'Ghostory' aesthetically, but there are more possibilities for... More

Highschool DxD Uncensored Genital Exposure Anime


Not so generic oppai anime Highschool DxD has branched out in a big way, although it is hard to see its core fan constituency being too happy about the direction it has taken…

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  • Anonymous commented on May 25, 2015 15:06

    ^ see what i mean t(^_^t)... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 25, 2015 15:06


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