Harem Colosseum Boasts Erotic Elf Action




A sexy warrior elf fighting for glory in a colosseum has starred as the main focus of ero-anime Tensei Kendo No Harem Colosseum, though the perverse animation has missed the perfect opportunity for including raunchy sex scenes where a colosseum full of people watch.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 30, 2017 13:17

    I'd rather see such "good looking guy" and be labeled gay, than have him replaced with fat sack of crap, so people with inferiority issues can watch without being triggered.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 30, 2017 13:15

    I got better idea! Why won't YOU throw yourself off the cliff?... More

Residence Gender-Swapping Rape Ero-Anime




A horror story of sorts has served as the theme of newly released ero-anime Residence, where males become cursed after trespassing into an ancient abandoned abode by being transformed into women – naturally leading to a variety of rapacious situations.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 23, 2017 03:16

    03:28 even if you go through medical procedures, you'll always have your man scent and breath and always be a broken women who can't give birth from your womb. if you can't even accept who you are,... More

  • Colton commented on May 17, 2017 16:06

    So could someone help me I can't find this anywhere... More




The abuse of another schoolgirl has been carried out with the first episode of Dainiji Ura Nyuugakushiken, causing the girl to become a slave to numerous evil males after being blackmailed, a positively humdrum turn of events in the glorious world of ero-anime.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 13, 2017 09:28

    the escapades that got her into this situation (read the yuri pics) would have made a better hentai . .... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 12, 2017 21:45

    In 3-4 years I will probably become bald.... More

Zton Jingai “Has Horse Fisting!”




A succulent centaur woman (and other monster girls) has starred as the focus of “Zton Jingai Animation A Beautiful Greed Nulu Nulu“, replete with fisting and other sexy shenanigans certain to please monster girl fans but one particular group of fetishists may be disappointed over the centaur girl’s lack of one distinct horse attribute…

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  • Anonymous commented on May 19, 2017 12:07

    No it's not, you braindead son of a diseased whore.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 19, 2017 12:06

    Idiot. Also, having actually WATCHED it, it's NOT by Queen Bee you fucking misinformed cretin, it's Studio Zealot. And while it's not TOP quality, it's perfectly serviceable, better than all the whiny shits here are... More

Boku to Misaki Sensei “Takami Akio!”




Boku to Misaki Sensei has provided lonely otaku and ero-anime enthusiasts with some saucy sensei service, bound to be worshiped by lovers of gargantuan breasts and those yearning for an erotic animation with character designs by the revered Takami Akio.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 14, 2017 05:43

    legendary!... More

  • Tygaar commented on May 11, 2017 14:26

    You mean Maken-Ki "TWO" the first one was different and better.... More

Majime na Kanojo “The Most Twisted King’s Game”




Lengthily titled ero-anime “Seiso De Majime Na Kanojo Ga Saikyou Yaricir Ni Kanyuu Saretara” revolves around a king’s game gone wrong, forcing a girl into a variety of perverse situations against her will and additionally throwing in NTR content to lower the ero-anime’s level of morality even further (not that viewers will particularly mind this fact).

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  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2017 15:42

    Great animation, reminded me of Stringedo. Why do I have to stare at some idiot's mangled sad face in between shots of pussy and tits?... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2017 09:45

    The lvl of SLOWPOKE of this new is over 9 MILLIONS!!!!... More

Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei “Where’s the H!?”




The 2nd episode of the long-winded “Nuki Doki! Tenshi To Akuma No Sakusei Battle Revolution” has followed in the footsteps of the first by proving to be as equally uneventful, bound to infuriate many watchers as the series has done nothing but joke around whilst providing no sex scenes whatsoever.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 8, 2017 19:03

    I probably watched like 5 thousand hentai.. get on my level scrub. Also ive been watching hentai since the 70s... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2017 20:49

    I don't need H. I prefer good art.... More

Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen Rife With Intercourse




Otherworldly magic and a myriad of raunchy scenes involving schoolgirls have emerged with the first episode of Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen, with the show’s concept revolving around the lucky protagonist getting to breed with several women – an overused plot that watchers will no doubt still envy.

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  • jr240483 commented on May 3, 2017 13:44

    good luck with that. it wont be happening anytime soon with that govt. their anti otaku laws have pretty much nuked the industry. one of those new laws have pretty much destroyed the incest genre... More

  • darkjoe400 commented on May 3, 2017 10:49

    Artist for this definitely has to be Butcha-U. Those interested in this should look up his works. All of it quite good imo.... More

Oni Chichi Refresh Fully Futastic




The diabolical rapist revealed in the previous episode of Oni Chichi Refresh has been exposed, surprising few and leading to a slew of yuri scenes for a nice change of pace; those expecting more evil NTR action (of the man-on-girl variety at least) will be quite disappointed however.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2017 04:01

    agreed, they just catered to the penis loving fans... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2017 04:00

    futa is gay... More

Gakuen Shinshoku XX of the Dead Twisted & Depraved




Rapacious zombies and tentacle monsters have consumed the first horrifying episode of Gakuen Shinshoku XX of the Dead, providing mostly content of the vore and tentacle variety (a rarity) that will no doubt leave some speechless whilst others may well discover something new about themselves.

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  • romaner commented on May 9, 2017 16:46

    Real screaming orgasm, love this stuff!... More

  • romaner commented on May 9, 2017 16:45

    Nice monstrous stuff ;-P... More




A rather assertive schoolgirl has managed to blackmail a man for once with the first episode of Anata wa Watashi no Mono, sure to appeal with her charming personality and stylish megane whilst potentially awakening a more masochistic side in some watchers.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 1, 2017 09:47

    get triggered fucking idiot, it's better here... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 1, 2017 02:52

    Fk your sht taste. Ez troll ez mode ez win. You didn't even realize. You mad?... More

Zutto Suki Datta Total NTR Anime




Loss of innocence has once again become the central theme of another vile ero-anime, with Zutto Suki Datta telling the sad tale of a love that had yet to blossom being ruined by a rapacious third party – just the thing for NTR fans.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 16:10

    Of course. They have to make the rapist one fugly shit.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 25, 2017 12:30

    No, the best outcome would be a dick wielding demon popping out and ripping the guys balls off and then giving him a 'heart massage' through his anus.... More

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