Dragon Ball Z Cup Noodle CM “Most Ridiculous Yet”


Dragon Ball Z‘s loose-cannon saiyan Vegeta has starred in another exciting TV CM, as the prince of all saiyans promotes Nissin’s new Vegeta-flavored Cup Noodle – the iconic character once again being reduced to that of a mere tool (a rather ironic turn of events) for granting exposure to irrelevant products.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 28, 2015 02:23

    you do know about DB Kai, right? that's pretty much the old cartoon with upgraded visuals, while they stripped the filler (there's a special place in hell for people who enjoy DB filler)... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 28, 2015 00:07

    Vegeta hasn't been reduced to anything. While the moneybrain Goku keeps doing pushups for nothing, Vegeta is applying his skills and making mad money.... More


World-renowned fighting series Dragon Ball Z is receiving a brand new TV anime in the form of “Dragon Ball Super“, with long-time fans of the highly popular series being taken aback by its rather abrupt emergence, even if still probably overjoyed nonetheless.

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  • Meijin Kawaguichi IV commented on May 3, 2015 07:19

    About damn time... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 2, 2015 07:39

    I used to think DBZ was the best tv show ever, it was unsurprisingly the only anime I watched beside some Gundam Wing and Samurai X ( Toonami stuff) anyway I genuinely think this is... More


Anime fans have ranked the top 30 characters they would prefer as their boss, with the limitless charisma and leadership skills of a certain titan felling officer proving the most commanding traits.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 5, 2015 14:09

    It's a good thing Levi isn't Eren then.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 30, 2015 16:02

    I know seriously freeza? I don't know about some people that voted for this but I for one do not need a boss that could and would kill me out of bordem.... More


Avid anime fans have voted for the special powers, skills and moves they would most like to have a crack at themselves, resulting in some unsurprising results as Goku from legendary fighting series Dragon Ball Z reigns the top of the list with his classic Kamehameha.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2015 19:27

    yoga fire... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 25, 2015 16:11

    Eren Yeager ability to transform to a kyojin should be up their "Shingeki no kyojin"... More

Dragon Ball Z CM Dance Crazed


The legendary combatants of retro fighting anime Dragon Ball Z have demonstrated dance skills on par with their combat expertise in this latest exploitative CM for Japanese beverage company Kirin – bound to make a sizable profit as well as pack quite the punch.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 8, 2015 22:59

    If freeza was meant to be black maybe that joke would be racist, as is its just stupid.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 8, 2015 14:41

    Well, that confirms my suspicions that they messed with Freeza's face. He looks like Jack Nicholson's Joker now.... More



Hardcore Dragon Ball Z fans have shown mixed reactions over the content of the latest “Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F” trailer, which depicts a threatening new form for the indomitable Frieza – though seeming to instill horror of a different kind to a select few who unfavorably compare the new form’s color scheme a young child’s art project.

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  • Kohaku commented on March 21, 2015 00:15

    I agree thouogh, SSJ 4 and 3 are the coolest.... More

  • Pyrus commented on March 9, 2015 17:25

    Rest assured that he will be black & blue by the end of the movie.... More

Dragon Ball Z Live Action Fan Film Emerges




Legendary fighting series Dragon Ball Z has become the subject of yet another English live action fan film, supposedly based upon the “History of Trunks” TV special which features androids 17 and 18 – and naturally bearing a multitude of shiny special effects for the “martial arts” segments.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 1, 2015 18:50

    Not bad... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 1, 2015 07:20

    I'm not 100% on this, but if I'm not mistaken, I think the future Trunk's backstory arc's anime wasn't part of the TV series, but it was on OVA I think it was?... More

Top 10 Damp Squibs of Anime


The top anime characters that initially possessed supreme power only to decline into being a minor nuisance have been ranked according to voter opinion, as many of Dragon Ball’s fighters unsurprisingly occupy the list after being reduced to a nondescript stepping stone for the show’s unstoppable protagonist.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 23, 2015 05:18

    Hyuuga Neji says Hello!... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 21, 2015 08:08

    There's some discussion about whether Krilin or Tenshin-han are the strongest pure-blood humans in DBZ universe. Due to his participation in the Frieza arc, Krilin was thought to be the strongest for a long time... More

Momoiro Clover Z for DBZ Movie Theme


Enigmatic idol group Momoiro Clover Z will be orchestrating the theme song for upcoming Dragon Ball Z film “Revival of F“, proving to be a rather bizarre choice of music considering the nature of the subject matter.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 18, 2015 20:26

    "dirty fireworks"... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 18, 2015 13:41

    Title of song? Saiyan Pride? Vegeta Pride?... More

Dragon Ball Xenoverse “Absolutely Fangasmic”


More Jump Festa 2014 news comes in the form of details about the latest Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, along with the launch of the latest preview, with two versions dubbed in English and Japanese.

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  • Ishmon16 commented on December 27, 2014 09:07

    I mainly just want to make a girl sayian or a girl majin race.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 25, 2014 15:28

    Who fucking cares about neptunia.....ok only the fappers fat otakus.... More

Top 10 Anime With The Worst Dressed Characters


The latest in controversial rankings to appear looks at which shows have the worst-dressed characters – when they can somehow be persuaded to change out of their nearly omnipresent uniforms, school or otherwise.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 24, 2014 19:11

    'From the new world' had nice clothes. I think they should have added that in. AND YES, I added this to the tail of your comment! hahaha!... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 23, 2014 22:30

    Too harsh on the 90s anime, I think.... More


The second trailer for Dragon Ball Z‘s new movie “Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F” has appeared, promising a lot more of the fast-paced battles which are the staple of the series – with the franchise’s last movie apparently having sucked all remaining originality from the draconic balls.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 26, 2015 23:20

    Dragon Ball FUCKED... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 18, 2014 21:00

    Battle of Gods sure was disappointing. They're just admitting theyre out of ideas at this point, but what the hell I'll watch this anyway. I'd rather they resurrect Broly tbh.... More

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